The movie is so innocent!

Clovis 2022-11-24 12:11:01

Fast forward while watching, the first step is some pornographic scenes that need to be imagined, and the second step is shown directly, but I want to say that the man is really durable, although the woman is young, but Dress the way I like it, okay, I'm going to digress when I talk, isn't it!
Sleep with the murderer. In this book, he is a superman. He said that he was safe. The security door was kicked open. Science shows that if you inject Marin into the human body, you will definitely die. However, when I came out, I was still alive. It's good, anyway, I feel that the murderer is a superman. Is it really because of the strength of the other party's belief that he has become stronger? This is unscientific!

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See No Evil 2 quotes

  • [last lines]

    Seth: [to Jacob] You're not so tough.

    Seth: [after he stabs Jacob with a nozzle and starts the machine to fill the killer with embalming fluid] Goodnight.

  • Tamara: Oh! Where's... wheelchair guy?

    Amy: Holden. Uh, Holden's dead.