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2022-07-20 10:06
In a city's autopsy room, Amy (Danielle Harris Danielle Harris) is in a hurry to attend a birthday party prepared for her by friends and relatives. At this time, a brutal massacre occurred in another corner of the city, nine people were killed, and their murderer Jacob Goodnight (Glen Jacobs Glen "Glen Jacobs" Jacobs) was also The ambulance took its last breath. Seeing that the party was ruined, Amy had to get together with her colleague Seth (played by Kaj-Erik Eriksen) to prepare to receive the body that was sent. At this time, Amy's brother Will (Greyston Holt), with Keira (Chelan Simmons), Tamara (Katharine Isabelle) When my friend sneaked into the autopsy room, I carefully prepared a grand and cheerful party for my sister. The daring men and women indulge in singing and dancing, but Jacob wakes up quietly. 
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  • Tamara: Oh! Where's... wheelchair guy?

    Amy: Holden. Uh, Holden's dead.

  • Jacob Goodnight: [to Kayla] Thank God? You Are A Dirty Whore

    [points at her]

    Jacob Goodnight: I *See* The *Sin* On *You*! I *See*!

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