See You Up There evaluation action

2022-07-19 16:21
The original novel depicts an imaginary secular scroll with fine literature, while the film uses visual effects, artisanal craftsmanship and make-up techniques to bring the scroll to life on the screen  . The film's narrative and images are very smooth from beginning to end, with great help in color grading and pairing generation, and the lens is quite a bit like "Amelie", which is light and agile   . In the film, the use of visual effects is not only to bring the audience a worthwhile viewing experience, but also to continuously provide historical driving force behind the characters and in the process of the story. The film cannot be simply classified as a commercial film or an art film. In French films, no matter how gorgeous the special effects are, the characters are always the brightest, and no matter how gorgeous the mask is, it cannot cover the tears rolling in a pair of blue eyes.  .
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