[Secret Forest] Are the male and female protagonists really not like people?

Jarvis 2022-11-14 12:49:21

[Secret Forest] Are the male and female protagonists really not like people?

One of the comments I most wanted to discuss after Secret Forest ended was that some people said that the hero and heroine were not like humans.
Regarding the above evaluation, I do not deny the idealization of the screenwriter. But to say how unlike the hero and heroine, please allow me to speak from my heart.

Regarding the origin of the saying that he is not like a human being, I have summed up and focused on two aspects:
1. Han Ruzhen has no shortcomings
. 2. Huang Shimu has no desires and no

desires to talk about Han Ruzhen first.

First of all, what I want to say is, what kind of person is Han Ruzhen?
- A downright idealist.
What is an idealist? - Do things for ideals, not benefits.

I believe that many viewers completely affirmed her idealist attributes when they saw Ruzhen and Huang Jian confrontation and said: "I will not compromise". After all, she showed enough ability and maturity before. But I recognized it from the beginning of the story.

In the first episode, Fatty Jin tried to get rid of Ruzhen and tricked her into saying that the grandmother was awake. Ruzhen immediately gave up going to the procuratorate to pursue a case that should have her own credit, and went to the hospital without hesitation. That's when I knew Ruzhen's style of doing things - not prioritizing results, but following her heart. And what is this heart? Soon, Ruzhen, who appeared at the funeral, told me the answer, which was simply out of concern for the weak.

The two characteristics of idealists: "doing things with one's heart" and "instinctively putting other people's affairs in mind", these two points are all reflected in Ruzhen - and this is precisely the beginning of Han Ruzhen's imperfection.
What does it mean to do things with your heart? It means that sometimes you judge things based on your personal values ​​alone, and expect others to judge by the same standard. (Because such people tend to think their values ​​are good for everyone rather than In order to conquer the desire).

What if I always have other people's affairs in my heart? Over time, it will be easy to fall into it and be troubled by it.

It is based on these two points that the story hints from the beginning that Ruzhen will not be a person who can keep calm and considerate, let alone a person who is "easy to get along with".

Sure enough, when it came to the Xiaopu incident, Ruzhen lived up to my expectations and lost her chain WW, she fell into it and lost her composure. I snickered inside when you really went to the organization to speak out just because of anger. This laugh is not a mockery, but resonates because I see the flaws of an idealist. This reminds me of myself when I went to labor arbitration to help my colleague to explain the result and I was incapable of complaining. If Huang Jian didn't stop her, then Ruzhen's fate can be imagined. At that time, no one would say that this character has no shortcomings, and instead it is "I don't know how high the sky is", or even a "pig teammate".

And Ruzhen's characteristic of being difficult to get along with is actually very obvious. She usually doesn't provoke her, a naturally sweet sister, but when it comes to something she cares about, she won't let you down for a minute~ Look at her staring, miss, fat The scum is damaged~ In reality, this is a person who sees your three views are not upright~ It's just because you really hate "bad guys" every time, so the audience doesn't care but finds it interesting. But when you saw that you were really mad at our Section Chief Yin, many viewers couldn't sit still, and even yelled at "The Mother of God".

It's funny to see so many people react this way. ——You really can't escape double standards as a human being! Han Ruzhen is the same Han Ruzhen from the beginning to the end. She hates people because she has a principle that she sticks to and can't talk about. Could this principle be changed at will because the other party is a good person or a bad person? A person who is indifferent to you is called a principled person, and a person who is sympathetic to you is called the Virgin? If you were Xiao Pu, grandma, and Jin Jiaying's mother, would you hope that the police would accept the murder of the murderer because the murderer deserves sympathy? (But when I saw a lot of people scolding Ruzhen, I also let go of another heart, which proves that Ruzhen is really not easy to get along with haha~)

To be honest, if Han Ruzhen didn't show that she was different from Section Chief Yin at the end I'd be disappointed instead - because the character has lost its charm. From the very beginning, the law enforcer who has upheld the belief in justice far above the average person, that kind of impartiality is exactly what I want. But if in the end, the role of the law enforcer, which was shaped so carefully, is also the consciousness of ordinary people who follow the road, I really feel that I can’t blame others for looking down on the police—you yourself do not uphold the belief in the rule of law?

Okay, isn't someone a little imperfect for someone who is impulsive and reckless? Don't worry, it can be even more imperfect. WW

preaching everywhere with the simple idea of ​​"I'm right so you should listen to me" is another weakness of Han Yu-jin. The whole film was taught by the "good people" she preached and watched a lot~ Chili Sauce, Zhang Jian, Huang Jian, etc. If you substitute yourself, is it annoying to think that there is always someone around you who educates you to be a human being? I really don't hate Ruzhen, I feel bad for her always doing such stupid things~ Always idealizing others, not only others, but myself more tired~

Finally, let's talk about Ruzhen's worst flaw: it is easy to fall into self-criticism. To be rude, hypocritical. This is the most obvious part of Muzhen's phone call. It was obviously the murderer's fault, but Ruzhen blamed herself for being too concerned about it, so she cried alone at home, and said "Damn me". I have to say this, friends who don't understand someone like Ru Zhen will really think she's hypocritical. And this is a character weakness that people like her cannot avoid: always let herself be troubled by a situation and expect it to have a good result, otherwise it will not come out. This is also in line with Ruzhen's usual way of thinking. It is this kind of thinking that makes her keep trying to help others, but this time it is the side effect of this kind of thinking. So at this time, like the Xiaopu incident, Huang Jian once again helped Ruzhen "solve the problem".

It is not difficult for those who are attentive here to see that when Ruzhen was in trouble twice because of her own personality, it was the appearance of Huang Jian that prevented things from getting worse. So what kind of existence is Huang Jian to Ruzhen? This has to be said, is Huang Shimu an invincible King Kong with no desire and no desire?

In the same way, from the beginning of the story, Huang Shimu was not "desireless" from the very beginning. From the moment he went to see Lao Pu, he had a personal purpose. If you really have no desires and no desires, you are simply eating and waiting to die, and it is impossible to see a "trouble". So I've been curious since then, what exactly does the male lead want? It is because of this curiosity that I began to carefully observe the various tendencies of Huang Shimu. After I first learned that he was a workaholic, I began to look for the cause of the workaholic - either a vacuum or a true love of the job.

Physical problems can only explain his inhumanity, not his motives. As a thoughtful person like Huang Jian, if he wants to know what Huang Jian wants, he must first know what this profession means to him.

Judging from the earliest recollections of Kim Jong-ben, Huang Jian has been a person who will not follow the crowd since he was a child, nor is he a person who harbors evil thoughts. As Chief Yong said, the essence of human beings will not change. Even if the surgery blocked his emotional expression, it did not change Huang Shimu's kindness and integrity. With the growth of experience, Huang Shimu has experienced the shadow of himself and the times. From the dialogue with Ruzhen and the deputy chief, we know that this person is well aware of the helplessness of reality, but even so, he went to see Park Wucheng. From then on, I was sure that Huang Shimu was not empty. He chose the profession of a prosecutor because of his desires, but he didn't know how strong it was and whether it was high or low. (Seeing this, I can't help worrying that Huang Jian will not be a boring guy who only likes to investigate cases WW)

However, the series of behaviors that Huang Jian followed made me very happy. In addition to seriously investigating the case, Huang Jian has low eyebrows and pleasing to the eyes of colleagues he recognizes, despises those he despises with his actions, and secretly competes with those who he does not agree with. He bought his own house a long time ago, hoping that his family will be safe. Hi, I'm secretly concerned about my own changes; all of this shows me that this is a guy who wants a lot.

And above all this, what does Huang Shimu want most?
"Why am I chasing the deputy chief?" - When Huang Jian asked this sentence, I finally had a clue: there was something in the deputy chief, either something he was resisting, or something he was looking for thing.

However, when I came to the finale with this question, I cried so much that my heart ached. It's too unexpected and too deserved. It turns out that what Huang Jian and the deputy chief want most is the same thing - justice, they really believe that it is the eternal secret love of a prosecutor. How noble is this pursuit, so noble that its existence becomes eternity; how strong is this pursuit, so strong that life is willing to sacrifice for it.

No desire is just not without desire, but any desire in the world is inferior to the desire of "no desire". For Huang Shimu, the "unjust world" is his greatest "undesired", and it is also his deepest "desire".
The secret love for justice is Huang Shimu's highest desire, and because of this, how can a person who has desire have no real pain. He is not invincible. He minds that he is withdrawn, he minds being treated as a freak, and he is also resentful that few people around him can follow his ideals. When Huang Shimu asked, "Why do you think I don't understand anything?", when the special inspection team was dismissed, he rushed out to find the chief without any strategy, and at the last moment, he was completely lost in the face of Mr. Jiang's hesitation. Can't you see? Is he afraid? The same is true for Ruzhen, when her colleagues are not as kind as she imagined, when her warm blood is exchanged for cold accusations, when she sees her proud career is so bad, she can't see it. Is she in pain? However, Ruzhen's character caused her to suffer more than others. Many people only see Ruzhen, a strong girl, stand up again and again, but forget her red eyes again and again, and forget that she also needs to be comforted.

Just because they didn't abandon the company for personal reasons, didn't do stupid things, didn't say all their grievances, did they feel that they were perfect, invincible, fearless and sad?
——If there is a hand holding you when you fall off a cliff, not only remember the strength and bravery of that hand, but also remember the trembling of that hand.

This can explain my previous doubts, Huang Jian is both a comrade-in-arms and a corrector to Ruzhen. Both are idealists, they have the same aspirations, but they are calmer and more realistic than Ru Zhen Huang Jian. Only people like Huang Jian can be the eternal moon of a perceptual idealist like Ru Zhen.

People's pursuits are different. Some people have experienced extreme tests. They believe in themselves and at the same time feel the suffering of the world. Their sense of belonging is in the life of fighting for ideals. They are the beacon of civilization and progress. For ideals, the timing is very important. To change the era really needs the right place and the right people, and the society also needs a mature process. I always have the deepest and highest respect for these idealists, and hope that a mature and civilized society will give them more understanding and soil.

If people only look at results, then idealists are the most imperfect in the world. If people only look at their original intentions, there is nothing in the world more perfect than them.

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