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What kind of horse goes with what saddle, what kind of Bond will go with what kind of 007 movie, the last person Bond Pierce Brosnan, at first glance, is a suave, humorous and modern amorous species, so the movie is for him to choose from all over the world. All kinds of peerless

beauties , famous cars, and famous watches are wasted by him, and the high-tech gadgets are so tangible and fashionable by him. Everything is to shape his image. , he is obviously not the same as Pierce, he is much stronger and braver, so the movie arranges for him more head-to-head fighting scenes, making him naked and covered in blood to show his manly image; he does not have Pierce With such a witty and humorous face, he rarely arranges for him to fight with villains or with Bond girls in various luxurious occasions; It won't make him cool, but it will weaken his tough guy image, appear blunt and nondescript.

The transformation of the previous film is conservative, because it is not known how the audience's number of songs is, after getting a positive answer, this episode 007 He is completely like Daniel, trying his best to create a Bond image that fits his characteristics, and adjusts the plot, pictures, and even every detail to give full play to his advantages.

Plot. Narrative The narrative
of this episode is actually a bit of a The problem is that it is highly related to the previous episode, which weakens the audience's acceptance. In addition, the plot explanation in the first half is too fast and too loose. It is easy for people to be confused and not know what happened, and the vagueness between the characters. The audience can't wait to go back and watch the movie again, and then find that it is in a movie theater, not a home computer.
And in the second half, the plot becomes very simple and soothing. Except for the action scenes, it seems that the ending is very early. It's shown, anyway, everyone knows that Bond will live and the villain will hang in the end, and the suspense of solving the case has been explained as early as in the backcourt of the movie, and it lacks the previous sense of surprise.

The narration of tight front and then loose, fast front and slow back finally gives the audience the feeling that Bond won after one round of random beatings. As for how he won, the audience did not understand, nor did they need to understand, nor did they want to understand, this is invisible. It dispels the excavation of the characters in the plot, and the cognition that Bond is revenge for the Bond girl in the previous episode, and that he is a man with a personality, is probably the result of media publicity. If you just look at the movie itself, it is estimated that Few people will look at it so carefully. There is no such skill, no opportunity, and no need. The

The villain in Bond Girl can be said to be quite normal, not too cold-blooded and not too cruel. , it doesn't show how much money or power it has, and it doesn't show how powerful the organization that goes deep into all parts of the world and even around M in the title. Only the secret meeting of a group of people during the theater performance "Tosca" Seeing a clue, I don't know if it's going to continue in the next episode or that's it. It seems that he was put down by Bond just to make some money, and he has been suspecting that in that small and poor country, even if the price of water rises Doubling the profit, is the profit worth all the countries in the world competing for shares?

Due to the change of Bond's image, the role of the Bond girl has been weakened a lot. In this episode, the role of the Ukrainian beauty and Bond are more like revolutionary comrades-in-arms, completely lost In the past, the bond girl's confidante, or the feeling of a poisonous lady, seemed to be a little bit outside of Bond, and it didn't help the plot very much. In addition, she walked with big legs when she appeared on the scene. I don't know if it's the actor's problem or the director. Intentionally, at least in my opinion, her image is a tomboy, not to mention a vase, let alone a lively fragrance.

On the contrary, another girl who only appeared in a few scenes, the embassy clerk played by Gemma wants to There are a lot of brilliants, and the first appearance is a strong accent, plus a distinctive image, the sentence "tomorrow morning" and the "oh I am so sorry" after deliberately tripping over the villain on the stairs, give me It left a very deep impression. Although she passed away after a while like the fast-food girl around Bond in the past, but compared to the "tomboy" who wandered outside the plot, but was entangled by Bond's side , I prefer this simple, a little smart, kind-hearted clerk, even though her lines don't add up to a few lines, but let me remember a lot of them

. Famous cars. Famous watches. High-tech
A car that can be invisible and can put missiles? No; chewing gum that can blow up? No, this episode Bond completely abandoned these external things. Except for some conventional configurations, he only carried robs, ordinary guns, these past Bonds The essential elements in the movie have been placed in a position that has no place this time. This is mainly due to the needs of character building. The battle of wits is not the forte of this Bond, the battle of courage is his advantage, so high-tech Putting the gadgets aside, the melee combat with real knives and guns is Daniel's version of Bond.

The only and most exciting high-tech in the film, I think it should be the touch-screen intelligent information system of the MI. , watching those people's fingertips flying on the transparent panel, all kinds of information are displayed in a mode almost in a sci-fi film, which is really eye-catching.

There are no exaggerated special effects, no unimaginable high-tech, no bikinis, There is no sex scene, Bond is holding a gun from the beginning to the end, the speeding cars, chasing, everything is real, don't care about performance, just practical, can't say this Bond is not good, but he is indeed the same as the previous Bond. The image has drawn a clear line, and it has also taken the film to another development direction. As for whether the audience will buy it, everyone should keep their eyes open and watch the box office.

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