Robert Shields

Robert Shields



  • Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast

    Robert 2022-12-27 09:07:30

    Gentle, only to the right people

    Influenced by a certain article, I couldn't help but revisit this Disney animation. . . (How do I remember that I have a DVD?)
    I won’t say much about this, which has been said by many people to be rotten, and simply talk about the new point:

    we should not be too obsessed with certain rules and regulations, those will only become us Obstacle frame.
          In the past, a campus romance film said that a girl made a list of everything for herself. Maybe I have the same disease. ....

  • Swimming Pool Swimming Pool

    Robert 2022-12-23 01:38:58

    It's the kind of good movie ruined by the translated title

    "Pool Killing Case" inspired my fighting spirit! ! ! The combination of virtual and real narrative is a technique used in many movies. The swimming pool has successfully blurred the boundary between virtual and real. For example, the isomorphism in the field of graphic design "superimposes multiple graphics to form new visual symbols with transcendence and breakthrough". The audience can combine themselves To interpret the feelings and preferences of the movie, this is also the...

  • The Edge of Seventeen The Edge of Seventeen

    Robert 2022-12-11 02:02:34

    My youth is playing a movie with the edge of growth in my mind

    Growing up on the edge, no matter how old you are, you won't feel as much empathy as you do now. The director tells us the pains of youth, the trivial things and obsessions with the world, and the resistance and rebellion that meant all of us in our youth.
      The protagonists of youth films are all independent and special, otherwise there are so many things to say, the reckless courage that is synonymous with youth, and the indescribable loss. Lost in youth is the most flavorful life begins...

  • Only Yesterday Only Yesterday

    Robert 2022-12-09 21:39:24

    my oh my~

    It's like meeting another self.

    Urban girl, 27 years old, while reminiscing, she hopes that her current self will change. She constantly tortures her heart. Only to some people can she tell the truth, and to others, she acts as a cute baby.

    Yes, this is me.

    It's also the reason why I love this animation.

    Those things that happened when I was a kid, during the holidays, between male and female classmates, those who were beaten, and the scenes of petty...

  • Julie & Julia Julie & Julia

    Robert 2022-12-02 04:39:25

    This is not a bowl of chicken soup for the soul

    Julie, the wife of a diplomat, dreams of being a spy before marriage, but in reality is just an archivist. After marriage, she moved to Paris with her diplomat husband. She had money and leisure but was very bored - until she signed up for a cooking training class because she loved to eat, and transformed from not even knowing how to cook eggs to becoming a leader in the professional chef class of Le Cordon Bleu . Everything since then has become a legend—her cookbook book was republished 49...

  • A Company Man A Company Man

    Robert 2022-12-02 01:48:44

    dumb cute uncle

    I have to say that the uncle's figure is really good! ! ! I've been watching people, but I don't really understand the film ((¯﹃¯) saliva) The fight scene is still pretty cool, but it's just a little exaggerated. . . It's still a bit unrealistic to kill the whole company's killer horse by oneself. . . Uncle's acting is really great! The cute and cute killer manages it easily. When I meet my idol when I was young, my heart is sprouted. I changed several sets of clothes on a date. The uncle's...

  • Skyscraper Skyscraper

    Robert 2022-11-25 06:54:51


    "Sky Rescue" is a personal hero movie and Johnson's third action movie. Dwayne Johnson believes that everyone knows that Johnson plays Will Sawyer in this film. He is because of a rescue. The hostage plan failed and he was seriously injured and retired from the Marine Corps. Since then, he has married, had children, and lived an ordinary life. Having lost his left leg, he has never been able to get out of the shadow of the pain. With the help of his friend Ben (Pablo Schreiber), he won the...

  • Stand by Me Doraemon Stand by Me Doraemon

    Robert 2022-11-23 10:49:23

    Let the memory stay as the memory

    Some time ago, I watched the movie "Doraemon • Walk With Me".
    Not as good as animation. Kind of boring, too sensational. Probably once condensed into a movie, it has to be inspirational.
    It is simply a love inspirational film of the big bear, but in the end, the true love is actually not Shizuka, but Doraemon.

    The voice acting is a bit exaggerated, but it fits the plot and the characters and their expressions very well.
    I can understand that many people are moved in a...

  • What If...? What If...?

    Robert 2022-11-22 01:06:16

    If the first season is very personal

    The fourth Marvel TV work this year, using observers to draw out different Marvel stories in different spaces: From the two episodes on 8.28 until the end of October, after watching the remaining seven episodes, Beijing has also changed from hot to cold, and this winter is really coming. Early: 1. Growing Iron Man from Team America, and his girlfriend became Team America; 2. Yondu trained Wakana to become Star Lord; 3. To Ant-Man's father group has not yet formed the complete...

  • Mountains May Depart Mountains May Depart

    Robert 2022-11-18 09:41:50

    "Old Man of Mountains and Rivers": Whose Old Man, Whose Mountain and River

    Chief Jia's films were supposed to draw attention to reality, or some thinking. But after watching it, I felt that everything was made up out of nowhere. There are concepts and symbols, but there is a lack of realism. I feel that the director's ability to grasp the current social reality in China is insufficient.
           From the actor's point of view, Zhao Tao is a failure, which is also due to the inherent deficiencies of the script. Other roles, because of the skill of the actors, can...

  • Dekalog Dekalog

    Robert 2022-10-16 09:04:13

    form of love

    The story begins with the husband knowing that he is incapacitated from now on.
        When he got home, he calmly and rationally persuaded his wife to divorce him, so that they could maintain a more balanced relationship, instead of making anyone feel sorry for the other. The wife's answer was quick, tender and firm: Love is not a 5-minute moan once a week. is not between the legs. … What matters is not what we don’t have, but what we have.
        The innocence of women lies in...

  • Naruto: Shippûden Naruto: Shippûden

    Robert 2022-10-07 13:17:39

    Small countries under the interests of big countries, terrorists and Akatsuki.

    The reason why I like Naruto is not just because of Naruto, this is also the charm of Naruto. In the 700 episodes, it is not only the story of Naruto, but also the stories of all kinds of people in that wonderful world. They may It may be an ordinary Jinnin, the leader of the Five Great Ninja Villages, or the secret Akatsuki. In the story of Naruto, they are all real people. There is no absolute villain. They are all determined to fight for their own beliefs. There is no right or wrong, just...

  • Deja-vu Deja-vu

    Robert 2022-10-04 12:42:55

    Back and forth to trace the source - "Dark Season 3"

    Today, let's talk about the German drama "Darkness Season 3".

    The title of the film is Dark Season 3 (2020), alias Dark (Hong...

  • Journey into Night Journey into Night

    Robert 2022-09-25 19:05:15

    We are not brains in a vat

    In fact, I have always had a kind of doubt, is I really a recurrence of consciousness, a brain in a vat. After watching the second season of Westworld, I am convinced that I am a real living person. Hehe ^O^ Westworld has a basic setting, that is, the absolute separation of the body and consciousness, that is, your consciousness can exist independently of the body. After more than 30 years of life experience, I can clearly say that the body and consciousness cannot be separated, not to...

  • Thumbsucker Thumbsucker

    Robert 2022-09-13 06:43:36

    A period that everyone must go through - adolescence

    This is a story about growth and love. The protagonist of the film is Justin who has just entered high school. Justin has a little hobby, that is, thumb sucking. The whole film revolves around thumb sucking and tells a little story about Justin and the people around him.

    Thumb sucking is an action that looks ridiculous to others, but Justin can find satisfaction in it. In thumb sucking, he can relieve anxiety, and he can instantly enter the...

  • Robert 2023-09-27 10:41:37

    Being too smart is also an annoyance, and you will be spoiled by yourself when you see half of it.

  • Robert 2023-09-22 02:45:27

    Isn't it a comedy? Why did you cry in the first episode!

  • Robert 2023-09-18 20:19:10

    "Confucius" was not hacked by others, it was Hu Mei who made him dirty. This is a tragedy

  • Robert 2023-09-08 00:29:42

    A rough and brutal prison break movie, a train with only four sections and out of control assumes the entire narrative background, and the external environment is the snowy weather in northern Canada. The movie does not show too many details of the escape, focusing on the escape. The runaway train and the traffic dispatch center are one layer of narrative relationship, and the warden and the fugitive are another layer, and there is a game between the two. The track and the carriage are a metaphor. It is the contest between the system maintainer and the order destroyer. The contradiction between the individual will and the collective consciousness will come to an inevitable outcome after a brief balance. For a period of time, the fugitives in the carriage and the only survivor moved closer to the maintainers of order under the action of survival instinct. There is no absolute opposition, there is only the brilliance of human nature that flashes on individuals while fighting against power. At the end of the film, there is a sense of loneliness and a sense of destiny. What I like is the choice between life and death of the individual characters, not the hypocritical politeness of the rigid and rigid system of power.

  • Robert 2023-08-29 23:46:43

    In the end, he turned into the Hulk, punched the giant gorilla, and ripped apart the monkeys. Are you paying tribute to the Hong Kong movie power king?

  • Robert 2023-08-26 23:31:52

    "How you met my mother"... I actually saw 11 here! ! ! The Mother of Dragons plays the Virgin again.

  • Robert 2023-08-14 23:15:23

    8.5, children's resistance to adults, where innocence defeats utilitarianism and fame

  • Robert 2023-08-06 13:50:40

    Run it. Just jump. . zombie. . . We all love rock music~

  • Robert 2023-08-05 00:11:07

    Dustin is so good at acting, even though he's suspected of having ADHD, he's absolutely full of drama. The feminism of the ring structure makes people unable to tell whether it is ridicule or praise at the end. In essence, it is a chasing female film.

  • Robert 2023-07-29 23:09:05

    Every musical instrument has its charm

  • Robert 2023-07-24 20:30:31

    Everyone can find details to their liking

  • Robert 2023-07-22 02:09:40

    In fact, it is essentially an American superhero who has little to do with Mulan in our perception. But even so, it still can't hide its bad. Americans really don't understand Chinese culture. They only know how to stitch together what they know about China without aesthetics and logic. The only thing worth mentioning is probably the design at the end of the film.

  • Robert 2023-07-15 13:58:56

    Love is just a hide and seek. But whether it hides or not, it is always there. Helen Miller's performance is still so captivating.

  • Robert 2023-07-12 20:43:01

    It was obviously reluctant to be thrown there. Not a girl, but a widow. Don't understand what she thinks about the killing of white people.

  • Robert 2023-07-05 16:20:57

    After watching the first episode, it was a bit tricky.