A Haunted House 2 movie plot

2022-10-18 16:47
A cheap black man Malcolm (Marlon Wayans Marlon Wayans) and his white girlfriend Meghan (Jaime Pressly Jaime Pressly) moved into a new house, but on the first day of moving in, his favorite dog encountered Bizarre accident death, everything heralds the beginning of disaster. Meghan finds a terrifying weird doll in the house, and Malcolm, who has no awe, provokes the doll; Malcolm finds a reel of video tapes with terrifying images in the attic, and the eerie images are chilling; Meghan's eldest daughter, Betsy (Ashley Rickards), encounters a series of horrific incidents. Betsy's younger brother claims to have a hidden friend named Tony.
The nightmare came like a storm, and the family of four suffered the most terrible curse. 
1. Malcolm's girlfriend Keisha was possessed by a ghost and showed her teeth and claws. Malcolm was in a car accident on the way to take her to the hospital. Keisha died unfortunately, and Malcolm ran away. Afterwards, Malcolm met new girlfriend Meghan, with whom she has two children, Betty and White. They decided to move to a new place and start a new life. Malcolm prefers to use the camera to capture the moments of his life as a nostalgia. 
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A Haunted House 2 quotes

  • Professor Wilde: [Farts loudly on the toilet] Ow, Fuck!

    Malcolm: [Dives for Cover, then sits up moments later] Nigga, I thought somebody was shootin'.

    Professor Wilde: Thai food, it's spicy going in but it's TWICE as spicy going out, that's scientifically impossible!

  • Malcolm: [Screams, after lifting the safe off of a dead Shiloh] MY FUCKING DOG IS A PANCAKE!

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