A Zed & Two Noughts movie plot

2022-07-07 14:19
After a car accident killed the wives of two zoologist brothers, they became obsessed with the woman who lost a leg in a car accident while using cameras to record the decay of various animal carcasses. In the still images of the film, the corpses of crocodiles, dogs, swans, and zebras turned black, shriveled, spewed rotting water, and crawled out of maggots. Ultimately, the woman's remaining leg also "died" and was amputated, and she died after giving birth to twins that belonged to two brothers. The two brothers injected poison in front of the camera, using their corpses as the last object of research and display. 
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A Zed & Two Noughts quotes

  • Alba Bewick: Imagine that, the body - in all its delicious detail - fading away leaving a skeleton with iron legs.

  • Oswald Deuce: How fast does a woman decompose?

    Oliver Deuce: Six months, maybe a year? Depends on the conditions.

    Oswald Deuce: Does being pregnant make any difference?

    Oliver Deuce: No.

    Oswald Deuce: And the baby?

    Oliver Deuce: How far gone was she?

    Oswald Deuce: Perhaps ten weeks.

    Oliver Deuce: Then you'd never know.

    Oswald Deuce: [long pause] I cannot stand the idea of her rotting away.

    [short pause]

    Oswald Deuce: What is the first thing that happens?

    Oliver Deuce: The first thing that happens is bacteria set to work in the intestine.

    Oswald Deuce: What sort of bacteria?

    Oliver Deuce: [matter-of-factly] Bicosis populi. There are supposed to be 130,000 bicoses in each lick of a human tongue; 250,000 in a french kiss. First exchanged at the very beginning of creation when Adam kissed Eve.

    Oswald Deuce: Suppose Eve kissed Adam.

    Oliver Deuce: Unlikely. She used her first 100,000 on the apple.

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