Revolution movie plot

2022-07-07 18:11
Another epic and imposing blockbuster from Carros de fuego director Hugh Hudson. Al Pacino plays a little guy pushed by the tide of the times, from a wise man who doesn't want to fight to save his life.To the American Citizen; Civil , who consciously participated in the war , and thus experienced the whole process of the independent battle of the United States to break away from British rule. The film does not start with a great man, such as George Washington , but through the transfer of the fate of the bottom people to bring out a fair evaluation of this history and the various classes of the time., the brutal scene of war on the front line. Pacino or the American people finally won, they not only won freedom, happiness and food, but also painted a beautiful blueprint of full speed after breaking away from the monarchy .
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Revolution quotes

  • Offscreen Revolutionary: Get out of here, you Negro!

    Offscreen Slave: We want freedom too!


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