All-Star Superman movie plot

2022-06-24 16:09
In order to save a manned spacecraft exploring the sun, Superman absorbed excess solar energy. Although he has become stronger than ever, the saturated cells push Superman to death step by step! What adventures will Superman go through in the last days of his life? How will Louise, who has been in love for a long time, accept his confession? Does a future Superman League exist? Is Superman really the only survivor of Krypton? What is the poisonous sun. what does all this have to do with the sinister Lusso?
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  • Tatyana 2022-06-24 18:29:29

    In the beginning, Superman looked like a bitter and hated person, and in the end, he died with a great hatred and hatred for others. . . Ok. . But overall it's still pretty good-looking, but those two Kryptonians are too soy sauce, is it necessary for them to appear? .

  • Cindy 2022-06-24 17:30:24

    the real death of superman

All-Star Superman quotes

  • Clark Kent: Gotta get away from him.

    [runs from Parasite behind a pillar]

    Lex Luthor: What's the matter, Kent? Afraid he'll absorb your cowardice?

  • Lex Luthor: You know what happens when you take on Lex Luthor? The same thing that's gonna happen to Superman.

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