It Takes Two movie plot

2022-03-18 08:01
Amanda (Mary-Kate Olsen Mary-Kate Olsen) is an orphan who grew up in an orphanage. Although she doesn't know where her parents are, Amanda's lively and kind-hearted personality is well-received by her elders and friends. love and live a carefree life. Alisha (Ashley Olsen) was born into a wealthy family and lived a life of fine clothes and food from childhood to adulthood, but even so, she was still unhappy all day long because of a man named Clary. The nasty woman of St. James (Jane Sibbett) is about to become her stepmother. It is such two girls with very different identities and circumstances, but they have almost the same faces. Once by chance, these two girls met and were surprised by their similar faces. A wonderful idea came to the minds of the two girls. , they decide to switch identities and try a new life.
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    The most powerful is Loli! ! ! ! Yes.

  • Elton 2022-03-18 08:01:01

    The story of Cinderella, as well as the particularly smooth plot about love, is sometimes like a drink during a meal, and needs it.

It Takes Two quotes

  • [Alyssa has joined the other campers in the cafeteria for lunch; they are having Sloppy Joes]

    Alyssa Calloway: [to Dianne] This is really good!

    Diane Barrows: Well, of course it is, silly; it's your favorite.

    Alyssa Calloway: It is?

    [Diane looks at Alyssa funnily]

    Alyssa Calloway: Oh yes, of course! The um... um, big, gooey, messy burger!

    Diane Barrows: Also, known as a Sloppy Joe.

    Alyssa Calloway: Sloppy Joe, right.

    Diane Barrows: Your favorite?

    Alyssa Calloway: Yes, and with dern good reason!

    Diane Barrows: [in an appalled tone] Did you just say "dern"?

    [Diane feels Alyssa's forehead]

  • [Amanda is introduced to the Butkis family for the first time]

    Fanny Butkis: [upon being introduced to Amanda] Oh, isn't she the most precious thing? What a pretty little dress!

    Harry Butkis: She's a honey, alright! Look at that, Fanny; she's got your mother's smile.

    [Amanda's smile fades at Harry's comment]

    Fanny Butkis: [sarcastically] And your father's sense of humor.

    [Harry and Fanny Butkis start guffawing at the latter's dry remark]

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