And Then There Were None movie plot

2022-06-20 20:57
Ten people were invited to Indian Island at the same time, but no one knew who invited them. On the island, they were completely isolated from the world, with only a strange nursery rhyme and ten small Indian porcelain statues. Then these ten people died mysteriously one after another according to the nursery rhyme. The murderer was among them, but who was the murderer?
Agatha Christie's suspenseful story about a mysterious host who invites ten guests to a remote English manor, tells them of their crimes, and causes them to die mysteriously, one by one, in a children's song (apparently a precursor to The Seven Deadly Sins). 
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  • Isai 2022-06-20 14:12:16

    The ending was adapted into the successful survival of the male and female protagonists. The whole film also has a strong comedy color, especially the part where the four men peeped around each other and went around in circles is really funny.

  • Laura 2022-06-20 22:21:16

    This version of "No One Survived", which was not filmed according to the ending of the original book, finally became "No One Survived". ——Ten little Indian boys run for food; one choked to death can’t be saved, only nine out of ten. Nine Indian little boys were really sleepy late at night; they fell asleep and died, and only eight of the nine were left. Eight little Indian boys went hunting in Devon; leaving one there and seven of the eight. Seven little Indian boys, felling trees and branches were not easy; the axe split in half and died, and the seven were only six. Six Indian little boys, playing with the hive to provoke the bees; they flew and died, and there were only five of the six. Five little Indian boys, causing trouble and lawsuits; the lawsuits were entangled until they died, and only four of the five remained. Four little Indian boys went out to sea in a group and suffered a great disaster; the fish swallowed a bloody one, leaving only three of the four. Three little Indian boys suffer disaster in the zoo; a bear suddenly falls from the sky, leaving only two of the three. Two little Indian boys, sighing in the sun; sunburned and roasted to death, only one of the two. A little Indian boy, only one person came back; Xuanliang committed suicide, and there is no one left.

And Then There Were None quotes

  • Detective William Henry Blore: [every time he's about to make some blunder] I get it!

  • Judge Francis J. Quinncannon: The place for nursery rhymes is in the nursery.

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