And Then There Were None movie plot

2022-06-20 20:57
Ten people were invited to Indian Island at the same time, but no one knew who invited them. On the island, they were completely isolated from the world, with only a strange nursery rhyme and ten small Indian porcelain statues. Then these ten people died mysteriously one after another according to the nursery rhyme. The murderer was among them, but who was the murderer?
Agatha Christie's suspenseful story about a mysterious host who invites ten guests to a remote English manor, tells them of their crimes, and causes them to die mysteriously, one by one, in a children's song (apparently a precursor to The Seven Deadly Sins). 
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And Then There Were None quotes

  • Judge Francis J. Quincannon: So you see, the whole thing has been as inevitable as in a nursery rhyme. When the boat arrives from the mainland, there will be ten dead bodies, and a riddle no one can solve on Indian Island.

  • Thomas Rogers: [Responding when the others want to give him a key] Shove it... under the door, sir.

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