Bad Blood movie plot

2022-07-06 21:17
 thief mark andOwe an American woman a sum of money and she gave them two weeks to pay back. They were going to steal an AIDS-like drug and resell it at a high price. So they hired Alex, a young man who was breaking up with his 16-year-old girlfriend Lisa. But before the plan comes to fruition, he has a crush on Mark's mistress, Anna. Lisa didn't give up, and made things even more complicated by coming to Paris the day they started.
On the platform of the Pasteur subway station in Paris, a gangster figure named Jean is sent to kill by the gang leader "American Woman". At this moment, "American Woman" is urging them for a huge debt that will be handled by Jean, with a deadline of two weeks. Mark and his friends plan to steal a new vaccine called STBO developed by a foreign company to get a huge sum of money. They want to call Jean's son Alex, an unemployed young man. In layers of connections, Alex meets a beautiful woman, Anna, and the two embark on a life-and-death journey   .
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Bad Blood quotes

  • Alex: Someday it will be like we already lived.

  • Anna: Life is splendid with him. He guides me so well. He requires of me very beautiful things, very rigorous. You know, he is self-taught. Yes, he has done it all. He looked at me with the eyes of an inventor, with the eyes of a researcher, like I was an invaluable discovery, as if I had the solution to something. Something secret and mysterious that is hidden deep inside him. Sometimes I get so close, so near, but more often I am light years away? Curious, isn't it? It's my life, this thing, this thing like an enigma. An enigma that glues us together, both of us accomplices together. Maybe our love will die if it is solved too early or maybe not at all.

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