The Fugitives movie plot

2022-07-07 18:12
After five years of imprisonment, Nuka walked out of the prison gate. Five years ago, Nuka, who had successfully robbed banks fourteen times, was caught by Officer Dorov during his fifteenth robbery. This time, Dorov did not forget to visit his "old friend" who had been dealing with him for many years. In Dorov's view, Nuka will not wash his hands of the golden pot, as long as Nuka resumes his old business and is caught by himself, there is still the possibility of getting a promotion. The last time Nuka was captured, Dorov tasted the sweetness of his promotion.
To Dorov's disappointment, Nuka really had no plans to resume her old business. This time, Nuka wanted to live an ordinary life. However, there is always a distance between ideal and reality. When Nuka was forced to survive and sold the only gold and silver jewelry to open a bank account, he was involved in a robbery for no reason and was taken hostage by Francois who was armed with a gun. Dorov, who came with his team, did not believe that the dejected Francois would be a robber. In order to avoid prison, Nuka, who was unable to defend himself for a while, had to run away with François.
On the way to flee by car, Francois accidentally pulled the trigger of the pistol, and the bullet pierced through Nuka's thigh. In order to treat Nuca's injuries, François took Nuca to the house of a friend of his father's, Dr. Martin. Although Martin is only a veterinarian, there is no doctor more suitable than Martin in the blaring sirens all over the street. Nuka endured the pain and let Martin take out the bullet, while François took the opportunity to pick up his five-year-old daughter, Jana, who was left behind after his wife's death.
Just when Nouka and Francois had nowhere to hide, Dorov ruled out Nouka returning to his old business. Fearing that he would be caught by the police, François begged Noka for help to see if he could get a passport and flee abroad. François was kidnapped by Ladif because he could not afford 50,000 francs at Nuka's friend Ladif. At this time, Nuka was accidentally recognized by a policeman at Dr. Martin's house. In a panic, Nuka snatched the police car, roared away, and rushed into the bar in Radiff on the way to rescue Francois.
After such a rebirth after a disaster, Nouka seems to begin to sympathize with the poor but loving Francois. Especially when Nuka was about to leave, Yana, who hadn't spoken for three years, said "I don't want you to leave", which not only made Francois burst into tears, but even the indifferent Nuka was moved by it. What happened next Despite all the trouble, Nouka helped the François and their daughter to the French-Italian border. Watching Francois and his daughter flee to Italy on the other side of the border, Nuka caught up and went to a new life with friends who used to share weal and woe   .
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