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2022-07-15 22:42
The film's shots are calm and beautiful, with mysterious light and shadow, and full natural light in full tones, constructing a beautiful artistic conception and a slow narrative atmosphere. The director uses many things with strong symbolic meaning to connect the story and the meaning behind it. The academic shooting method makes the audience feel that the environment is also a character. Even if they are motionless, the sunlight movement of the branches and leaves can convey infinite information. In addition, in addition to reading the text aloud, little Joseph's dramatic conflicts with his father and teacher are all expressed from the side, highlighting the director's unique calmness in dealing with the camera.) 
The film continues the director's usual quiet and beautiful style. The rhythm is slow and the plot is flat but also simple and touching. Commercially, it is not suitable for most audiences, but it will not lack bosom friends in a small area. Although the film's ending is cruel to a certain extent, the beautiful side of nature is once again the theme of the film through the child's final peaceful sleep.  
The film directly confronts the side of the experience world that is difficult to express in text. It cares about the experience of the body and mind, so it dilutes the language and prolongs the time. The camera follows the boy's eyes and dives into the mountains. It is the aura of life between heaven and earth, and it has also become the aura of the movie.  
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  • Yakup: Dreams are not told aloud.

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