Bal movie plot

2022-07-15 23:02
A six-year-old boy, Josephis sent to elementary school by his father Yacoub Yakubo is a beekeeper who is about to leave for honey in the depths of the forest. For Joseph, the forest is a magical place, and time with Dad is always happy and short.
Joseph told his father about his dreams, but his father told him never to share his dreams with others. On this day, Joseph suddenly became stammering while reading the text in class, and he was laughed at by his classmates. On the same day, the bees raised by my father also mysteriously disappeared, and the family lost their source of income. My father decided to leave the mountains to make a living outside. As soon as they left the woods, Joseph was speechless, and his mother Zehratried everything she could to get Joseph to speak.
His father, who had left the forest, never came back, and Joseph and his mother became worried. At a celebration for the prophet, Joseph told the prophet that his father would return. Joseph, who was convinced of this, took his mother and started a journey to find his father   .
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  • Yakup: Dreams are not told aloud.

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