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2022-07-15 21:54
  • The film does not use any artificial music, just natural sounds.
  • The film has the director's semi-autobiographical nature. The director often went out to work with his father since he was a child, and he also had problems with reading.
  • The crew specially hired a child actor trainer to play games with young actor Ortas on the set   .
  • Before shooting, the director went to the mountains in the eastern part of the Black Sea in Turkey to find material and recorded the dangerous life of a group of people who made the most expensive Bal in the world. He comes here in different seasons to meet local beekeepers and learn about their real life conditions.
  • Because the area is cloudy or rainy for more than 300 days a year, the director had to worry about the local weather, so he shot a lot of weather material for the film's color tone and lighting as a reference.
  • The director found that many local traditions, superstitions, legends, customs, etc. have not been eroded by modern society, and recorded local dialogues such as Laz and Hemşin as the mother tongue of some of the characters in the film. The film also reproduces many poems, ballads and dances sung orally   .
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  • Yakup: Dreams are not told aloud.

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