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2022-04-06 08:01
In order to create an "authentic" Chinese "Bao", Domee Shi and Chinese art director Liu Biqing traveled to Chinatown in Toronto, San Francisco, Oakland and other places to observe Chinese mothers dressing up and talking about grocery shopping, including their fights in the park. Tai Chi looks like   . Domee Shi strives to introduce Chinese family relations and the characteristics of Chinese culture to the non-Asian employees in the team. She asked the team members to go to Chinatown to experience the atmosphere of Chinese culture, see the Chinese in life with their own eyes, and taste Chinese food. To get a feel for it, the team members ate a lot of steamed buns. Domee Shi's mother also personally demonstrated the process of making buns for the production team   .
The animation design of the film is influenced by cartoons represented by Japanese director Takahata Isao's animated comedy "My Neighbor Yamada-kun". Domee Shi likes the characters in "My Neighbor Yamada-kun", which makes people want to pinch The cuteness of the handle, and the exaggerated expression that challenges the limit   .
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  • Khalil 2022-04-14 09:01:06

    The Incredibles 2 patch. Telling a little story of family love, Baozi maps children. But the scene where the mother eats the anthropomorphic bun is a little scary...

  • Kayleigh 2022-04-14 09:01:06

    The cannibalistic and deformed Chinese education model forced a happy ending in order not to be abrupt in front of the family fun. It is said that ghosts can't understand (so what kind of caters to the West?

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