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2022-04-06 08:01
"Bao" uses metaphors to describe a typical Chinese-style parent-child relationship, but it is commendable to tell the story with a modern and international perspective, and to internalize Chinese culture into a sincere emotion and contemporary reflection. Chinese style animation is not only beautiful and retro, this short animation is worth learning from the modernity of Chinese cultural elements   .
The film is a heartfelt portrayal of countless "Chinese-style parent-child relationships". It depicts the heavy family love with various delicate plots. In addition to the pure Chinese-style parent-child emotion, the Chinese elements that are all pitched in the film are also implanted extremely appropriately. These traditional elements are not vain displays, but directly participate in the beginnings and transitions of the plot. It provides a useful and innovative case for the development of Chinese-style animation - the so-called oriental elements and local elements do not only exist in grand historical narratives and dusty historical symbols. Experience reflection and value judgment based on modern emotions are often rich mines for literary and artistic works to explore the national spirit   .
"Bao" is an animated short film full of psychological symbolism. It reflects the invisible parent-child relationship in Chinese society in a figurative form. For Chinese people who generally lack psychological education, some symbols are relatively obscure, so it is difficult for a while. understand. The director mainly shows the contradiction and reconciliation between the normal growth needs of children and the morbid psychological needs of parents in the parent-child relationship. Some viewers feel deeply offended by the short film, so this is an opportunity to introspect the parent-child relationship and self-growth.   .
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  • Halle 2022-04-07 09:01:07

    It's a horror movie, it's real. For many people, your parents see you as nothing more than a fabricated bun that can be destroyed at any time.

  • Durward 2022-04-13 09:01:06

    It feels like a childhood nightmare for many children

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