Cat Run behind the scenes gags

2022-02-07 14:58
A complicated action comedy "Cat Run" tells a comedy story that mixes a variety of movie elements. It is filled with a variety of comical moments that are presumptuous and disregarding morality. It is produced by senior filmmaker John Stockwell (John Stockwell). Directing.
One of the dumb detective Melo is played by Scott David Mechlowicz (Scott Mechlowicz) in the film. He first came into everyone’s field of vision through a 2004 " Euro Trip " (EuroTrip), and another one in the same The independent film " Mean Creek " (Mean Creek) , which was released in 1999-Although it turns out that McClowitz is not a prolific actor, he can't hide his talent for acting, and all of this is caused by his overly picky And the particular character is determined, McClowitz admits: “Sometimes, you have to make your own choices, including the future development direction of your career, in terms of pure work and what you really want to do. Measure the gains and losses between gains and losses, because the last thing you should do is work for the sake of work. Under the restriction of this kind of thinking, I find that I often find myself in a dilemma, that is whether to continue to wait, just for one I don’t know when there will be popular and good movie material? Undoubtedly, this effectively stopped me from being busy at work, and gave me more time to think, and then understand what I really want. What is it?” After corresponding reflection and precipitation, Scott David Mechlowicz also appeared to be more discretionary when making choices, and at a glance he saw the characteristics that he had been looking for in "Cat Run". McClowitz said: "When I read the script for the first time, I realized that this is a movie story with wild imagination, but in the process of development, many of the contents have been made. More adjustments and changes that meet the requirements, new elements are added almost every day, it can be said that we have been evolving.
The reason why I am so fascinated by the character of Melo is because I found that I can dig out a lot of completely different dynamic connections from him. To be honest, it was a very interesting experience. At the very beginning, Melo was an otaku living a relatively closed life. Then, he left his family and came to a strange place. Originally, he wanted to open a restaurant of his own, but in the end, he left his family. He accidentally formed a detective partner with his childhood friend. The girl they are tracking is a prostitute. Because she witnessed a conspiracy and a murder carried out by the government, she was pursued by people from all levels of influence. Over time, Melo had to develop all his potential and had to develop and improve on his own-but he couldn't find a suitable outlet for them all at once, so he would become a little out of control. "It's true that anyone doing something will have a gradual process from unfamiliar to familiar. Although it was in a compelling situation, Melo got involved in this series of troubles, but for Scott David Mechlowicz, watching How he went from clumsy to handy is indeed a great experience. Melo is actually a very shrewd and thoughtful person, but he has a very strange and weird view of life-especially In a set of scenes, when he gracefully and gracefully asked Catarina played by Paz Vega not to steal his car, he seemed to be making the most appropriate summary of this character, McClowe Ci described: "The description of that part is indeed very interesting, and it is also the content related to this character that I am most satisfied with.
However, in my opinion, this character has not been fully utilized. I could have portrayed him more in-depth, but as far as a movie is concerned, after all, what is needed is teamwork. It is impossible to give one of the characters too much. In order to help stabilize the overall structure and rhythm of the story, we have to sacrifice some completely different character levels that were set for Melo at the beginning. But even so, he still completed a lot of very funny moments in the film, and this is exactly one of the reasons why I was attracted by this character at first. "Although the film did not give a detailed explanation of why Melo was so introverted and evasive, as the story progressed, we were able to learn more or less relevant information from the bits and pieces. Scott David Mechlowicz said: "I think The reason why Melo has become like this is inextricably linked to some of his previous encounters. His mother has passed away, coupled with the embarrassing financial situation between him and his brother-their trust fund It was cancelled, including the family’s business, and eventually ended in bankruptcy. All of this became a direct driving force for him to enter such a situation away from tradition, and indirectly explained why he avoided everything. Opportunities and possibilities of contact with people. "The story told by the highly comedy-sensitive film character "Cat Run" involves many different places in Europe. Although it is under the limited budget system of independent production, the film crew behind the film decided to choose a few feasible places. For field shooting at the location, Scott David Mechlowicz described: “We went to Београд , The Republic of Serbia and Montenegro respectively-it was so beautiful there, because all we visited were gorgeous and magnificent. A small town with buildings in a very medieval style. Then, when we arrived in Београд, the capital of Yugoslavia, we were deeply attracted by the strong historical atmosphere and conflicting resistance here. For each of us, this is undoubtedly a very unique experience. And experience. "
Janet McTeer (Janet McTeer) plays a cold-blooded killer in the film, but the most ridiculous thing is that she looks like Mary Poppins in " Mary Poppins " (Mary Poppins), both Wonderful and hilarious, including martial arts and sparring scenes, all created are some extraordinary and outstanding magical effects. Scott David Mechlowicz said: "McTill is the most amazing female I have ever seen. Actor, she is a big beauty in her own right. Now she is even more hot with a weapon. I found a particularly interesting phenomenon. If you are working with a performing artist with so many talents like her, you can always do it. It feels really cool to inspire a better side of you. From the beginning to the end, McTeer was very excited, including her ingenuity-whether it is in or out of the scene, you can play against her. It’s a very enjoyable process.” Melo’s detective partner Julien Gaudfroy, played by Alphonso McAuley (Alphonso McAuley), is also a confused and unlucky person. As a good childhood friend, you can learn from them. The relationship between the two is a very close buddy friendship. Scott David Mechlowicz explained: “In order to get along more harmoniously, before the film officially started, I had several private meetings with McAure. We really It’s a great fit, so I always look for opportunities and excuses to come out and play. McAure is a very energetic young man. It is really a great experience to work with someone like him. It not only promotes our film. The speed of advancement has also encouraged every staff and actor present in an unimaginable way-we feel very happy every day, and this is all because of the existence of McOray." Director John Stockwell I was born as an actor before, and I once starred in " Cherish high aspirations"(Top Gun) is a very popular action blockbuster, and his rich performance experience has become another asset that "Cat Run" needs to rely on. Scott David Mechlowicz said: "I have always come out of the field of performance. 'S directors are impressed, because their understanding and sympathy for actors is unmatched by others. If you have been an actor before, even if you are now a director, there may be some understanding of the tacit understanding in the middle. Therefore, it has changed. Stockwell's background will only allow him to manipulate some scenes more skillfully and skillfully, and in the use of lenses, he can always create incredible dynamic effects-wait. After all this is combined, we have a very good film."
During the filming of "Cat Run", including the actors and staff, they experienced many crazy and unimaginable experiences together. One of them was the collective absence caused by food poisoning . Scott David Mechlowicz recalled: " Looking back on it, I still feel a little unbelievable. It feels like someone dropped a gas bomb among us. Basically, for a week, we couldn’t do anything but deal with the toilet. We were In The Republic of Serbia, this mass poisoning incident immediately reduced our combat effectiveness by 80%. We have been looking for hospitals, but found that any larger hospital is overcrowded. We even accidentally walked into a house. The closed children’s hospital is dirty and horrible, and it seems to have come to the scene of a murder movie-but in general, we all regard this as a very interesting episode." Many people are interested in this movie. The title of the film gave rise to very curious psychology, because they found that the content of the story seems to have no connection with such a title. It is indeed a very confusing guess. Scott David Mechlowicz said: "In fact, Our film was not originally called "Cat Run", but used another more appropriate name-" Cat Run""(Roadkill). Subsequently, at least 20 different versions appeared before and after the question of the choice of the title, and finally decided to use "Cat Run". I think the name is very interesting, simple and easy to remember, and it is a tense and popular one at first glance. The most important thing is that it will not have any possibility of leaking the details of the film. "The biggest feature of "Cat Run" is that it combines multiple different movie elements in a nearly perfect story form, without any non-descript incompatibility, Scott David Mechlowicz said: " This film shows a completely different multi-faceted nature related to storytelling, even if it is called a "hodgepodge". So I think it is suitable for audiences of any background, no matter what your movie taste is, whether it is high-end or secular, you can find your own happiness and fun from the content we describe.also With the extremely fanatical story rhythm we have adopted, it is constantly accelerating and heating up, until everything can no longer stop, it will inevitably attract your attention deeply and make you unable to move away anymore. look. "
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  • Arturo 2022-03-17 09:01:09

    Punching detective chicks, kicking people with sticks, old and disabled B-level cult films, big tits, thighs, headshots, artistic foul language, and they are all quite delicate and novel. The most impressive are the subsonic bullet headshots, jumping off the building with a mattress, jumping off the building wearing high heels, and the dance-like duel between the killer and the thug couple.

  • Koby 2022-03-17 09:01:09

    Be fooled! Sexy girl and female agent are two people! The latter is the aunt!

Cat Run quotes

  • [repeated line]

    Helen Bingham: [every time she kills somebody] Do you need a moment?

  • Helen Bingham: [as they walk into a cocktail party full of killers] Does everyone remember their parts?

    Julian Simms: I'm a bit terrified myself.

    Helen Bingham: Stiff upper lip, bro.

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