Day for Night Truffaut vs Godard

2022-03-13 08:01
The two, who are both reviewers of "Cinebook" and the main characters of "New Wave" films, once sympathized with each other and broke openly after the release of "La Nuit Americaine". Godard sarcastically called Truffaut "the merchant of the morning and the poet of the afternoon".
The break between the two seemed a bit sudden, because when Godard had a car accident in 1971, Truffaut went to the hospital to visit him, and even Truffaut publicly paid tribute to him in "La Nuit Americaine" - "Jean- In the close-up shots in the little book of Luc Godard, in addition to this, Truffaut used the classic lines from "Contempt" more than once. He shouted, and the lines came from "Contempt": "What kind of movie is this? What industry is this? I despise you, I despise movies!"
On the one hand, Godard expressed dissatisfaction with Truffaut's creations that tended to be Hollywood-style, on the other hand, he seemed to be complaining about Truffaut's "dishonesty" - in "La Nuit Americaine", only Truffaut was The director played was not involved in any peach incidents, but outside the movie, Truffaut actually had a love affair with the heroine.
A once close partner turned against each other, becoming an irreversible wound in the short-lived "New Wave" film movement.
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  • Alivia 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    It more or less beautifies the process of filming, which is a bit sweet and greasy. Godard's attack is quite accurate, everyone on the crew is having sex, as pure as your director.

  • Elza 2022-03-26 09:01:14

    Truffaut went into battle in person, and had to admire the ability to deconstruct, the echo of the story and the life settings of the characters, including the practice of events and the director's play in changing the script, including the director's own dreams. Westerners' concept of love is broad, free, and crazy, but it seems to go straight to the essence. The flash pre-transition and Alexander's fixed-frame post-interpretation are really unexpected. It seems that after so long, our film art has not moved very far.

Day for Night quotes

  • Alphonse: I'm sure Ferrand is wrong. Life is more important than films.

  • Alphonse: You see, I've made a terrible discovery. You can be desperately in love with someone you despise, whose every gesture, word and thought you detest!

    Julie: What right have you to say that? Say you made a mistake but never be ashamed of having loved. By despising Liliane, you're merely degrading yourself.

    Alphonse: Maybe you're right. Anyway, my love affairs have always ended badly. I thought women were magic.

    Julie: Of course they're not magic. Or men are too. Everyone's magic, and no one is.

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