Queer as Folk movie plot

2022-03-18 08:01
US version
Name: Queer as folk (us) Queer as Folk
Region: USA, Canada, France
Release date: February 2000
Duration: Five seasons and eighty-three episodes. In February 1999, when the British version of queer as folk aired and became very popular, the American pay TV station Showtime Networks decided to adapt and remake the series. After changing the names of the three protagonists, the American version of queer as folk has also expanded the whole plot to five seasons, which no longer just continues the simple love story of the British version, and the content involves the living conditions of comrades, human rights struggle; contest , and even Controversial drugs, sex, and AIDS have also been brought to the screen. Of course, the final ownership of the protagonists has also become the most anticipated aspect of the audience.
UK version
Title: Queer as Folk UK or My Gay Friend
English name: Queer as Folk (UK)
Region: UK
Release date: February 23, 1999
Length: Two seasons and ten episodes
The British version of Queer as Folk is a purely gay series, depicting the story of three men living in the gay circle of Manchester. The love between a man's childhood sweetheart and the story of a young boy who grew up to be gay in the city has made fans talk about it with relish, and it has become a classic in the history of gay TV dramas.
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  • Georgianna 2022-03-25 09:01:23

    The screenwriters in the United States are really good, and they can actually write so many seasons.

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    Even you are not together

Queer as Folk quotes

  • [looking at Melanie's ultra-sound]

    Michael: Holy shit! Would you check out the dick on this kid?

    Lindsay: That's the umbilical cord.

    Melanie: Besides, you can't tell from this if it's a boy or girl. Although something tells me a princess is on the way.

    Michael: Well, it's Ok with me if he's gay.

  • Michael: You can't open someone else's mail. It's a federal offense.

    Hunter: I can see it now: I'm on Death Row awaiting a lethal injection. This mass murderer who killed 48 babies and ate them asks me what I'm being executed for. I say, "Opening Ben's letter."

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