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2022-07-18 15:56
  • Peter Dougan Capaldi is a long-time Doctor Who fan   . At the age of 16, he wrote an ebullient fan letter to the Doctor Who fan club, which was also published inmagazine   .
  • Peter Dougan Capaldi played the Roman marble merchant Caecillius in the second episode of Doctor Who Season 4 , The Fire of Pompeii   .
  • Peter Dougan Capaldi was offered the role of Doctor in the TV movie Doctor Who in 1995, but he turned it down at the time   .
  • While filming The Day of the Doctor , a special to mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who , Peter Dougan Capaldi connected with two of his "exes", David Tennant and Matthew Robert Smith , and approached them for acting advice on the issue   .
  • Peter Dougan Capaldi was the first doctor to wear Doc Marten shoes, and the shoe brand of Matthew Robert Smith, who played the eleventh doctor before, was All Saints  .
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Deep Breath quotes

  • Missy: He can be very mean sometimes. Except to me, of course. Because he loves me so much. I do like his new accent, though. I think I might keep it.

  • [last lines]

    Missy: Welcome to Heaven!

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