Roots movie plot

2022-07-18 15:45
According to foreign media reports, the family history novel "Roots" written by black author Alex Haley in 1976 tells the story of a black man who was captured by white slave traders from the west coast of Africa to North America as a slave and lived as a free man in Africa. , and his and his descendants' ordeal under American slavery, including the family's experience after they were freed. This novel caused a huge sensation in the 1970s.
In 1977, American Broadcasting Corporation, Inc adapted it into a TV series and broadcast it, which achieved a rating of over 100 million. The play has won many awards such as the Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award, and it has also been broadcast on domestic TV stations, which is a tear gas for many people.
It is reported that the History Channel plans to adapt it into an 8-hour miniseries. He is currently in talks with a number of well-known black film stars in the United States, including Academy Award for Best Actor in a Leading Role Denzel Washington. 
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