Virgin Mountain evaluation action

2022-07-18 16:21
As an Icelandic film, every detail of the film naturally permeates the cold and alienated temperament that is unique to Northern Europe. The cold mood and this lonely story are mutually blessed. An opening shot lays out the director's ambitions beautifully. Under the bird's-eye view, on the empty runway of the airport, the luggage transporting car passed slowly in circles, silently, and the light was clear and sprinkled on the ground. Extracting emotions from the mundane scenes of daily life is a unique skill, which is very refined in many Nordic movies. For this film, all situations are reflections of the characters' mental maps.
The second half of the movie shows a subtle change, when Fox has a girlfriend, everything changes, he goes to work for the woman at the garbage station, and the colleagues there are far more kind than the people who tease him at the airport. Many, they invited him to the bar to drink and watch football, like an ordinary buddy. His girlfriend is like a fulcrum, prying him out of the cramped life he had fallen into, and letting him see that although this world is full of holes, it is also worth diving into it once.
In the end, he burst into laughter alone on the plane to fly abroad. It was a smile that Fox had rarely seen in the movie, a change from the dullness of the past. He walked out of his original family and out of his closed heart, and that smile was almost the most healing expression.  
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