Matt Smith

Matt Smith

  • Born: 1982-10-28
  • Birthplace: Northampton, Northamptonshire, England, United Kingdom
  • Height: 5' 11½" (1.82 m)
  • Profession: actor
  • Nationality: U.K
  • Graduate School: University of East Anglia
  • Representative Works: Doctor Who, Crown, Morbius, Terminator Genisys
  • Matthew Robert Smith (Matt Smith), born on October 28, 1982 in Northamptonshire, England, England, is a British actor.
    In 2006, he made his first appearance on the screen in the TV movie " The Ruby in the Smoke ". In 2007, starred in his first TV series "Party Animals" [1]  . In 2010 , he played the role of Eleventh Doctor in the science fiction drama " Doctor Who Season 5 ". For this reason, he won the British National Television Awards for the best actor in a drama series [2-3] and was nominated for the 57th British Television Academy Awards. Best Actor [4] . In 2013, after starring in the Christmas special " The Time Of The Doctor ", he stepped down as "Doctor Who" [5-6] .   
    In 2015, starred in the science fiction film " Terminator Genisys " [7]  . In 2016, he starred in the historical drama TV series " The Crown Season 1 " [8]  . In 2018, with the TV series " The Crown Season 2 ", he was shortlisted for the best supporting actor in a drama series of the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards [9]  . In 2020, starring in the comic movie " Morbius " [10]  .

    Early Experience

    Matthew Robert Smith originally planned to become a professional football player when he was young. Around 1994, he entered the Williston Northupton Middle School and served as a central defender for the youth football team. He also played as a central defender for Nottingham Forest FC and Leicester City FC .
    Around 1998, 16-year-old Matthew Robert Smith suffered a back injury and his dream of becoming a professional football player was shattered. As a dancer, his sister discovered his talent for acting and encouraged him to participate in stage performances. So he joined the National Youth Theatre, participated in "The Cathedral Murder" and other plays, and entered the University of East Anglia to study drama and innovative writing. In 2005, he graduated with 2.2 credits   .

    Performing Experience

    In 2006, he made his debut on the TV screen in the TV movie "The Ruby in the Smoke". In 2007, starred in his first TV series "Party Animals", which was produced by the BBC and told the story of a group of young people engaged in behind-the-scenes political activities in the House of Representatives   . Later, he participated in the two-act drama "That Face" in the Royal Court Theatre. , The play was shortlisted for the 32nd Lawrence Oliver Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Affiliated Theater, and Matt was selected as the "Best Newcomer" by the newspaper "London Evening Standard"   ; in the same year, he participated in the TV film " The Shadow " adapted from the drama of the same name. in the North "   .
    In January 2009, Matthew Robert Smith was selected as the Eleventh Doctor by the producer of the science fiction series " Doctor Who " ; on May 12, his short film "Together" was screened at the 62nd Cannes International Film Festival. The film was shortlisted for the Golden Palm Award .  
    On January 1, 2010, Eleventh Doctor played by Matthew Robert Smith made his debut in the TV special " Doctor Who: At the End of Time "; on April 3, the science fiction drama " Doctor Who Season 5 " starring him was launched, Matthew Robert Smith starting with the identity of the protagonist played by Eleventh Doctor, and Kaz partner   ; in July, with Eva Green co-starred in the sci-fi movie " womb " premiere in Germany   .
    In February 2011, the drama " My Boyfriend " co-starred with Imogen Poots and Douglas John Booth was released; on April 23, the science fiction drama " Doctor Who Season 6 " starring was broadcast ; on May 22, With the TV series "Doctor Who", he was shortlisted for the best actor in the 57th British Television Academy Awards ; in October, he won the British GQ Character of the Year Best Male Model .   
    On January 25, 2012, with the TV series "Doctor Who", he won the 17th British National Television Awards for Best Drama Series Acting Actor   ; Later, he co-starred with Sam Hall in the Olympic-themed film " A Journey of Champions: 48" Olympic Games , played the 1948 London Olympics double rowing gold medalist Bert Bushnell   ; the same year, starred in the science fiction drama " Doctor Who Season 7 "   .
    In 2013, he acted as a director for the first time, directing the TV series "The Theatre Second Season"; in June, announced that he would no longer play Eleventh Doctor in the TV series "Doctor Who"; from November to December, starred in TV with David Tennant who played Tenth Doctor The special episodes " The Day of the Doctor " and " The Time Of The Doctor ", then left the crew ; at the end of the year, began to appear in the Almeida Theater in the musical "American Mental Patient" adapted from the novel of the same name .  
    On January 24, 2014, he won the 19th British National Television Awards for Best Acting Actor in a Drama Series with the TV series "Doctor Who"   ; in the same year, he co-starred with Christina Hendricks , Sersh and Iain De Caestecker in a suspense film directed by Opie " How to Catch a Monster ", plays the madman Bully who drives a dilapidated Cadillac all day long   . In 2015, he co-starred with Arnold Schwarzenegger , Emilia Clarke and others in the sci-fi action film " Terminator Genisys " and played the self-proclaimed "Skynet" Terminator Alex  .
    On February 5, 2016, the horror movie " Pride and Prejudice and Zombies " co-starring with Lily James and Sam Riley was released, playing the playboy Mr. Collins ; in the same year, starring with Claire Foy , John Lithgow and Jared Harris. Television Series - Drama " at the Crown Season 1 ", played by Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor Queen's husband the Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh Prince . On December 8, 2017, the historical drama series " The Crown Season 2 " starring him was launched on Netflix. With this drama, he was shortlisted for the 70th Primetime Emmy Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama Series .    
    In 2018, he starred in the science fiction thriller " Patient Z " with Natalie Dormer ; in the same year, he played the manson family leader and serial killer Charles Milles Manson in the biopic " Charlie Says " . On March 1, 2019, his starring biopic " Mapplethorpe " was released, in which he played the controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe ; later, he co-starred in the crime film " Official Secrets " with Keira Christina Knightley and Ralph Fiennes . Acting as the British "Observer" reporter Martin Bright ; in the same year, he partnered with Claire Foy at the Old Vic Theatre in London to star in the drama "Breathe" .      
    On January 27, 2020, the horror film "His Home" starring in it premiered at The 36th Sundance Film Festival ; subsequently, he co-starred in the horror film " Last Night in Soho " with Tom , Anya Taylor-Joy and others . Released on October 29, 2021 ; in the same year, played the villain Loxias Crown in the anti-hero movie " Morbius " of Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters , which was released in North America on January 28, 2022 .         

    Personal Life

    Emotional experience
    In 2014, Matthew Robert Smith met with actor Lily James. In 2019, the two broke up   .

    Character Evaluation

    Matthew Robert Smith has a pair of innocent eyes, childish and mysterious. At first glance, he looks funny and weird, but reveals a hint of cynical scorn   . Matthew Robert Smith has a profound knowledge of theatrical performances   , and constantly surprises the audience with his works one by one. He likes to immerse himself in the world of the role and follow the role   . In the TV series "Doctor Who", his outstanding performance gave "Doctor Who" a new era character   . Two energetic romantics, Matthew Robert Smith and Kaz, have injected unprecedented youthful energy into this longevity drama spanning more than half a century   . His performance in the movie "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies" is eye-catching, and his rivalry with Sam Riley is also very eye-catching . 
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