Asylum of the Daleks actor leaves

2022-07-16 17:44
The filmmakers confirmed that actors Kaz and Tom Darvill left the Doctor Who series in the show, and that their departure was a joint decision of the BBC and the actors themselves   .
Tom Darvill said it's always sad when a companion leaves, but that's what the series is about. No one can stay with the Doctor forever. This will make the TV show better   . He and Kaz decided to leave, but they will surely miss it and insisted that leaving was the right choice, as he didn't want to make the character unpopular by staying too long in the series due to the changes and developments throughout the show   . He said it was exciting to leave, but he will always be proud of his work with the Doctor Who series   .
Kaz, who joined the Doctor Who series with Tom Darvill in 2010, said she has watched almost every episode since the 2005 reboot and liked the way actor Kathryn Tate left   .
Kaz and Tom Darvill say goodbye to the Doctor Who series in an episode of Angels Occupy Manhattan   . Matthew Robert Smith expressed sadness and disappointment at the departure of the duo, and he signed a 14-episode deal with the crew   until he bid farewell to the Doctor Who series after the 2013 Christmas special   .
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