Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman

  • Born: 1986-4-27
  • Birthplace: Blackpool, England
  • Height: 5' 2" (1.57 m)
  • Profession: actor
  • Nationality: U.K
  • Graduate School: Arnold School
  • Representative Works: Emmerdale Farm, Doctor Who, Victoria
  • Jenna-Louise Coleman (born April 27, 1986) [1]  , also known as Jenna Coleman [2-3]  , a British actress. Her main roles include Clara Oswald in the British TV series "Doctor Who", Jasmine Thomas in the British soap opera " Emmerdale Farm ", and Queen Victoria in the Independent Television series "Victoria".
    Coleman was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, and began her acting career as a member of a theater company called In Yer Space [4]  . In 2005, while auditioning for drama school, she was chosen to play Jasmine Thomas in "Emmerdale Farm". In this play, she won praise from critics for her performance and was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award in the 2006 National Television Awards. [5] 
    Since then, Jenna Coleman has played the role of "hard girl" Lindsay James in the BBC campus TV series "Waterloo New White-collar Workers"; Susan in BBC Channel 4 " Room at the Top " Brown; ITV miniseries " Titanic " in Anne Desmond; Stephen Polyakov director of the mini-series " Dancing at the Edge ON Rosie" in [6]  ; and to commemorate the BBC "Pride and prejudice" Lydia Wickham in the 200th anniversary sequel miniseries " Death Comes to Pemberley ".
    From 2012 to 2015, Jenna Coleman played Clara Oswald (Clara Oswald) [7]  , the female companion of the 11th and 12th doctors in the 789th and 789th seasons of "Doctor Who" . Make the audience very unforgettable.

    Early Experience

    Coleman was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, with an older brother named Ben   . Her father ran an interior decoration company. One of her grandfathers used to work on the waterfront. There seems to be no performance history in the family.   She studied at Arnold School , where she is the "Head girl"   (some British schools will select a "Head boy" and "Head girl" from the students to be responsible for participating in activities on behalf of the school. They must have the ability to give public speeches and become Students are good role models and share their thoughts with school leaders. They are responsible for the daily management of some institutions and help the school to establish connections between teachers and students).
    In school, Coleman was a member of the theater company. At the Edinburgh Art Festival , she played a blind woman in "Crystal Clear". Her performance won an award and the play was also welcomed.   . By 2015, she revealed in an interview with "Radio Times" interview, her grandmother called her Jenna, is derived from the popular 1980s TV series " Dallas " by Priscilla Bo Cornelius Pres The role of Jenna Wade played by Lee 

    Performing Experience

    In 2005, while auditioning for drama school, Coleman won the role of Jasmine Thomas in "Emmerdale Farm". In the 2007 British Soap Opera Awards, she was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award, in the 2006 National Television Awards, she was nominated for the Most Popular Newcomer Award   , and in the 2009 British Soap Opera Awards, she was nominated for the Best Actress , Nominated for the Sexiest Woman Award and the Best Drama Performance Award, and was also nominated for the TV Choice Award for Best Actress. In May 2009, Coleman announced that he would join the BBC TV series "New White-collar Workers on the Road in Waterloo" to play the role of "hard girl" Lindsay James   .
    In December 2010, it was announced that Coleman would play Susan Brown in " Room at the Top " adapted from John Blaine's novel on BBC Channel 4   . The show was originally intended to be aired in April 2011, but it was cancelled due to a copyright dispute between the production company and Bryan. The dispute was resolved in 2012, and the TV series finally aired on September 26 and 27, 2012.   In 2011, she made her debut in " The First Avenger : The First Avenger ". In the same year, she also played Anne Desmond in the four-episode miniseries " Titanic " of ITV . She described this role as a "cheeky Londoner" and "Eliza Dolittle on board (music) A fictional character in the play " My Fair Lady ")" 
    Coleman provided the voice for Melia in the 2011 video game " Xenoblade Chronicles ". In 2012, Coleman starred Rosie in Stephen Polyakov’s original TV series " Dancing on the Edge ", which tells the fate of a black jazz band in the 1930s, in 2013 2 It was broadcast on BBC 2. She also played Lydia Wickham who suddenly visited Pemberley Manor in " Death Comes to Pemberley "  . The series has three episodes and was broadcast by BBC 1 during Christmas 2013   .
    On March 21, 2012, producer Steven Moffat confirmed at a press conference that Coleman would play the companion of the 11th doctor ( played by Matthew Robert Smith ) in " Doctor Who " . Moffat chose her to play this role because her partner with Doctor Smith is the most sparkling and can speak faster than him. Interestingly, for the sake of confidentiality, when she secretly auditioned for this role, she had to say that she was auditioning for "Men on Waves" (the palindrome of "Woman Seven", which foreshadows that she will appear in this for the first time. In the seventh season of the show)  
    Although Coleman initially announced that she would only appear as a companion to the Christmas special, she unexpectedly appeared in the first episode of the seventh season "Oswin Oswald" on September 1, 2012. Oswald was a guest role and died at the end of the episode   . Subsequently, in the Christmas special "Snowman", Coleman played a series of roles. She was a female tutor of the Victorian era and also a barmaid Clara Oswin Oswald, just like Oswin Oswin Oswald, she Die at the end of this episode. Later, Coleman played a third role, a contemporary London resident named Clara Oswald. From "The Bell of Saint John", she began to be the resident companion of the eleventh Ph.D. including the twelfth Ph.D. who was later played by Peter Dougan Capaldi . After the 2014 Christmas special "The Last Christmas", Coleman continued to play the role of Clara in the ninth season.   However, the ninth season is her last season in " Doctor Who " because Coleman decided to leave the show and play the Queen Victoria in the quarterly series " Victoria " produced by ITV . 
    In 2016, Coleman starred in ITV's eight-episode series " Victoria ", in which she played the Queen of England and Queen of India, Victoria. The actress admitted that she did not fully understand the history of the Victorian era , but studied the role. In an interview with BBC Radio 4 -Woman'sHour, Coleman expressed her admiration for the queen.   She believes that this role means that she can break the fixed image of the northern working class that was given in the past in "Emmerdale Farm". The first season of " Victoria " premiered on ITV on August 28, 2016.   Because of its good ratings, ITV renewed the second season of " Victoria " and premiered on August 27, 2017.
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