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Elenora 2022-11-22 22:19:48

It is not good to discuss philosophy, and technically speaking, it is not easy to find objects. Although the scenery is terrible, I can't help it.
Another point, privately, my philosophy is pessimistic. This is also not good, technically speaking, it is not easy to find objects.

1. The Doctor's grave is not a corpse, but a timeline. This is very enlightening: life is a series of events, and the human soul is the traces of this series of events in his conscious and subconscious mind. Memories are a half-full hard disk that has been written, some deleted, not in consciousness, but not completely deleted, and still retained in the subconscious (unless you repeatedly rewrite, rewrite the hard disk, or burn the hard disk with thermite ). Uh, these conscious and subconscious minds constitute a "training set", which directly determines people's choices and judgments. This algorithm is called "(pseudo) free will". Some of these selection judgments are reasonable and logical, and some are unreasonable and refer to "fetters (?)".

Things like events, with the humble IQ of human beings, can only analyze some of the simple relationships. When things are complicated, they are approximated. When the complexity reaches hundreds of millions of particles, it is regarded as random. (This is serious physics.) So my point is that events happen objectively without distinction, whether you know the reason or not.

Having said that, I infer:
life in the second half of life = "(pseudo) free will" + some causal/random events in the future

2. The little one who defines people as having id, ego, and superego is like a split of three personalities. But has anyone thought about projecting these three personalities onto the timeline. Suppose there is a past me and a future me sitting in a blue box to talk to you about life insights, how would we talk? (Just talking about perception, it's boring to talk about "Why don't you buy a house quickly")
The older I will say to the younger me: "You TM look at me too much, do I have the NB you think? My will Strong? Responsible and moral? Can you finish the work you put off for me in one fell swoop?"

3. If a person wants to get something, he must give up. For having the ambition to sacrifice. As much as you love something, sacrifice as much for her.

Write these first, if there is something wrong, I will repeat it.

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