[705] Tears Concentration Camp (Strong Spoilers)

Dominique 2022-07-16 23:46:34

Tears 1
Rory climbed to the rooftop.
He has always been the most obedient boy in the trio. He
was cannon fodder, bullied, often embarrassed and scared,
but always made incredible decisions at critical moments.
A person so frightened
climbed the most decisive way out with trembling legs.
"To save you, I could do anything."
He put Amy's hand on his chest,
rather than saying he needed her push,
he needed her permission.
Only with your permission can I leave with confidence.

Amy jumped to the rooftop and wrapped Rory's wrist around his waist. Facing the panic- stricken
she said "It's called marriage." Back in 2012 in tear point 2 , River was wiping the Tardis with a bucket, while discussing the Tardis light bulb with the Doctor, just like a housewife and her husband discussing whether to repair the lawn mower. "Family outing, then!" she said, gleefully carrying the small bucket, and whirled into the Tardis. I wish it all ended in this scene, no tombstones, no angels, and no libraries. Just family outing. Tears 3 Before Amy left, River held her hand, took good care of the Doctor, and acted as a good girl.

Raggedy man, goodbye!
In the last look of this era, she left him.
A man she had waited for most of her life, and her daughter were left behind,
and she followed her centurion, chasing back in time.
Rory Williams 82
Amelia Williams 87

Punctures 4
Everything back to the start.
Looking at little Amelia's frozen smile, I couldn't help crying.
Wait, watch, disappoint, dream, take risks, get hurt, let go, grow.
Everything goes back to the beginning.
But the girl has grown up and the ending has grown old.
Amelia Pond,
a girl with the same name as a fairy tale,
has experienced the life of a fairy tale, and
finally ends up with an ending that is not a fairy tale.
This is how it ends.
And this is how every story ends.

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