Asylum of the Daleks behind the scenes gags

2022-07-16 23:39
  • The finale scene for the Pounds was filmed on location in New York   .
  • Kaz and Tom Darvill make cameo appearances on the show, explaining the farewells of their characters helping the Doctor through his final journey   .
  • Both Kaz and Tom Darvill admitted to taking a number of items, including a magnifying glass and a pair of telescopes, from the Tardis set prior to filming their final scene on the show   .
  • Kaz, Tom Darvill and Matthew Robert Smith dropped out of the season, saying goodbye to the Doctor Who series .   
  • Many on the crew cried as they read through the script for "Angels Occupy Manhattan   . "
  • Tom Darvill initially only hoped to appear in three or four episodes of Doctor Who, and said he was surprised by how long he ended up appearing   .
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Asylum of the Daleks quotes

  • The Doctor: Identify me. Access your files. Who am I? Come on, who's your daddy?

    The Doctor: You are the Predator.

    The Doctor: Access your standing orders concerning the Predator.

    Daleks: The Predator must be destroyed!

    The Doctor: And how are you going to do that? Dalek without a gun, you're a tricycle with a roof! How are *you* going to destroy me?

    Daleks: Self-destruct initiated.

  • Daleks: Eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs.

    Rory Williams: [frowns] What? Sorry, what?

    Daleks: Eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs eggs.

    Rory Williams: "Eggs"? You mean those things?

    [shines his torch on the Dalek's armor, which has multiple round pieces missing]

    Daleks: Eggs...

    Rory Williams: I don't... I don't know what you want. Uh... those things, are... are those things "eggs"?

    [bends down and picks up a round piece from the ground]

    Rory Williams: This? You want this?

    Daleks: [slowly] Eggs... ter... min... ate.

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