Everything destroyed by love

Sherwood 2022-07-16 18:17:20

Since I've only seen the new version, I don't know the previous story. However, from the new version of 05 to now, only in the ponds, the pair of companions, have we seen a strong rendering of love. Rose's does not focus on love, it is more like a parting story of life and death, and martha's is not called love, it is a declaration of human nature.

By the 11th, I was already questioning how much children could understand. If they can recall these stories more than ten years later, they will feel so honored to have glimpsed how many stories they will experience and feel in a TV series that is extremely attractive to children.

In the love of ponds, time graces it. Two thousand years of perseverance, I thought that was the limit, but after all, this time span does not belong to the category that human beings can really imagine and feel. It will make people's mind keep surging all kinds of thoughts and even can't distinguish their own joys and sorrows.

I saw a shoot in New York and was very impressed. I immediately recognized the scene when I watched s05. At that time, I stood in the cold wind for 6 hours. I saw Matt and Karen jumping up and down in the distance. They frantically followed the twitter sent by various relevant personnel with their mobile phones. When I waved goodbye to us, my heart was so excited that I wanted to deny all the life of this actor, and like a three-year-old child, I firmly believed that this person was the doctor.

I think all the whovians are at some level extremely firm believers that all the settings in this huge story are real. Because our bleak life really needs such a miraculous, powerful and intelligent person who is unbelievable, but always put his heart on the human level, we also need a time travel to save all the regrets in our life Release past tears. Thinking back to the day when my heart was pounding, a group of people of all ages shared a carnival in their hearts on a cold street, I never imagined that the story outside of reality would be like this.

In all fairness, or if one needs to remain fairly cool and rational while watching such a fantastic sci-fi show, this is the best ending for the ponds and their love. In the previous episodes, Rory's father's rendering, when the doctor hurt the spring and autumn in the exciting and thrilling gap, all implied that the departure of ponds can only be more painful than before.

This is marrige, which can make our rational logic of "saving one is one" invalid, and it can make people choose an unknown place and the person they love to spend the rest of their life peacefully after seeing the magnificence of so much time and space.

When s05 didn't happen, you could say that those thrilling and off-line journeys were the best things you've ever seen, and it was love, which was never bad, that destroyed the visually and sensually extravagant journeys , and keep the two people in this story forever in your heart. However, if there are no stories that have already happened that amaze us, no matter how beautiful the love is, it can only be indescribable, pale enough to kiss on the screen and shed tears. Only time and space, with all their meaning, can match the magnificence of love. Such a light ending that only has one page, but it makes you recall everything you have experienced with ponds in front of the computer, the little girl who waited all night and the unique possibility that her waiting could bring her. .

At the end of the sixth season, I once sighed that human love can make the kind river with the blood of timelord cruel to make the whole world in dire straits, just waiting to tell his lover how much love he has been given by the world and by herself, I I thought this was the ultimate, this is the full power of love. But the love of amy and rory can put itself under the deepest suffering when the world is safe and sound: never to touch those great and amazing journeys again, to stand beside the most incredible people in the world to save and keep the world It is expensive and mundane, and turns around and chooses to spend the rest of his life ordinary in an unknown time and space.

I am grateful to those who are creative, for the joy of transcending this world, for their creation, for the sadness that was created out of thin air but greater than all the sadness you will ever experience in your life, thank you even more A true ordinary and determined humanity created between all time and space.

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