Desperation movie plot

2022-10-21 13:23
While driving through the Nevada Desert to Salt Lake, Pete Jackson (Henry Thomas) and his wife Mary (Annabeth Gish) are arrested by Officer Kerry for a flat tire. Kerry takes the couple to the town of Desperation, where Jackson is horrified to discover that the town is littered with corpses. When they realize they are in danger, the evil Kerry finally shows his hideous face and shoots Pete.
While in prison, Mary meets the Carver family, local Tom (Charles Durning) and writer John (Tom Skerritt). They plan to escape this murderous den, and with the help of the magical power of the youngest son David (Shane Haboucha) of the Kavos, everyone learns about a tragedy that happened in the town of Desperation 150 years ago. 
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Desperation quotes

  • Steve Ames: Stay here.

    Cynthia Smith: Yeah right! Eat me, said the cake to Alice!

  • Cynthia Smith: Are you a nice person?

    Steve Ames: Well, uh, I like to think so. But then again, if I was Ted Bundy, do you think I'd tell you?

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