The Look of Love movie plot

2022-07-16 20:25
British director Michael Winterbottom and comedian Steve Coogan have teamed up again after "24 Party Maniac" and "Journey". It is a biopic of Paul Raymond, a famous British "erotic tycoon" and a real estate tycoon known as the "King of SOHO". He brought eroticism into the mainstream of British society, and the legend of his life was ups and downs. Business-savvy, beauty-loving Paul Raymond knew from the start that sex could make him big bucks. At first he opened a club for gentlemen, "no man can resist the temptation", and soon he opened more nightclubs, occupying entire blocks, so that the whole area of ​​Soho became the center of the British erotic show industry. Redmond also dabbled in pornography and nudist gigs, which quickly made him one of the richest men in the UK. On the other hand, Raymond's private life is as colorful as the show he curates. His wife Jean (Anne Flair) is a nude dancer, as well as his business partner and the mother of his children. Later, Raymond fell in love with the cover girl of his magazine, a young and beautiful model named Fiona (Tamshin Egerton). But the person Raymond cherishes the most in his life is his daughter Debbie (Imogene Potts), to whom he plans to give his entire empire, but sadly Debbie is unfortunate enough to be premature at 36 pass away. Through the experience of the "erotic mogul", the film takes viewers back to the era of colorful "swinging London"   .
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