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2022-10-24 16:14
As a permanent scapegoat in the league, the Manassas Tigers have been in a state of decline, basically the bottom team in the competition. When they finally developed to a critical critical point, They can only choose to sell the local game to the highest bidder, which also makes this competitive world more chaotic and corrupt. It wasn't until the spring of 2004 that everything changed with the advent of lumber merchant Bill Courtney, a former high school football coach who volunteered to do what he could to help the situation -- when Courtney was ready and arrived , he found that the team he needed to take over consisted of 17 players, the equipment was rather old, and there was only a small lawn as their training ground. Courtney, who just took office, temporarily shifted his focus from winning the game to how to restore the confidence and dignity of this group of young people, but in the process, the rugby game still inevitably began to renaissance. In an effort to turn this disadvantaged situation around, Courtney recruited a group of talented youngsters from the freshmen, only to fail in their first season. Over time, though, the Manassas Bengals also began to earn more and more games and respect, and then all the way to 2009, when Courtney set them an eventual goal of making the playoffs For them, this is already an overwhelming victory - such a group of teenagers from the poor class, and their talented coach, they not only want to change history, but also make history   .
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  • Bill Courtney: The character of a man is not measured in how he handles his wins, but what he does with his failures

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