Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde movie plot

2022-07-05 21:20
The protagonist, Dr. Jackie, is a decent gentleman. Because he can't resist the stirrings of the evil and wild elements hidden in his nature, he invented a potion that can unreservedly reveal the heart that is usually suppressed under the hypocritical appearance; With the change of personality, the appearance of the body will also change. Therefore, a gentle and refined person who was originally considered by the public to spare no effort to do good, once drank the potion, he would turn around and become a vile, inhuman and hated vulgar man - Hyde; one was the representative of goodness, the other One is the incarnation of the devil. Later, because Dr. Jackie could not control his inner demon (Hyde), he committed suicide to stop himself from doing evil as Hyde. From the book "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde", we can learn that Stevenson believed that good and evil coexist in people's subconscious and some dark, deep, undetectable inner corner.
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Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde quotes

  • Sam Higgins: Now, what about some nice hot crumpets, sir, huh?

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll: I think the man had been shocked from normal good into complete evil. Now, when I say he was a good man, I don't mean that he hadn't had a bad thought, now and then. Or, that he hadn't committed ordinary transgressions against society. But, after all, that's the problem of civilized man's soul, isn't it? That good and evil are constantly fighting one another?

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