Duel in the Sun movie plot

2022-07-04 14:23
The film is adapted from the original novel by Niven Busch, directed by Kim Victor. It is a story about a pair of lovers in the poignant legend of the Conman people near Rentou Rock, Texas. There is a girl named Pearl American Indian . Her father was hanged for killing her cheating mother. Before she died, she asked Pearl to join his cousin Lola. Lola's husband, McCannnon, was a wealthy man, and he had two sons, Lut and Jesse, Lut's bohemian and Jesse's suave. Jenny learns to be a lady and wants to marry Jesse, but she can't help being teased by Ruth Meanwhile, Jesse is kicked out of her home for suggesting that the railroad cross the farm, and by the time she gets home, she's a lawyer and betrothed to the governor's daughter. Ruth was dissatisfied with Jesse's shooting and went into seclusion in the mountains. Pearl couldn't bear to see the brothers kill each other, so he went to Rentouyan to meet Lut alone, and the two killed each other and embraced each other. This film describes the story of a pair of brothers killing each other, with twists and turns, without much modification in the technique, just a general narrative style, which makes people feel a little incredible in the storyline. 
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Duel in the Sun quotes

  • Sen. Jackson McCanles: I once fought for that flag; I'll not fire on it.

  • Sen. Jackson McCanles: So that's where you stand!

    Jesse McCanles: I think I'd rather be on the side of the victims than of the murderers.

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