Fear and Desire movie plot

2022-06-28 19:37
A fictional war in an unidentified country provides the backdrop for this drama. Four soldiers survived the crash landing and found themselves in the woods six miles behind enemy lines. The team led by Lieutenant Bryant had a plan: They would travel to a nearby river, build a raft, and then, under the cover of night, drift back to a friendly area. Their plans for a safe return were derailed by a young woman who stumbled upon them while they were hiding in the woods, and nearby was an enemy general who was a member of the group determined to kill them .
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  • Torey 2022-06-28 18:21:40

    5.5 A complete study, how can it be so boring, the theme statement is a bit of an all-metal casing, but the plot is too stupid, the only thing that can be praised is the photography. In contrast, the latter works are really a qualitative leap

  • Teagan 2022-06-28 20:56:55

    Kushen's study work, a short-length, fully-practiced film. The film is too didactic in terms of anti-war writing, not only in the characters' lines, but also in some body language. The editing is relatively compact and the story is full. This imaginary work gives a panoramic view of the forest before and after, the contrast is neat, with a beginning and an end. The soundtrack has shown a desire to tell, but the tune is mediocre. Mirror images such as the corpse on the raft are too blunt.

Fear and Desire quotes

  • [Upon realizing the raft was not discovered]

    Lt. Corby: They must've been reading a magazine in that plane.

  • Mac: You talk too much; I guess we both do a little.

    Lt. Corby: Sometimes talk is an indispensable medicine.

    Mac: Yeah, but you get sicker later.

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