From Russia with Love 007: Love Shooting Highlights from Russia

2021-11-14 08:01
When filming the scene where the helicopter attacked 007, the pilot was too close due to inexperience in shooting, and Sean Connery almost died.
Director Terrence Young’s helicopter crashed on the water during the filming. After being rescued, he put a bandage on his arm and continued to work.
US President John F. Kennedy included the original work of the film in his 10 favorite novels, and the film became the second 007 movie.
The intimate scene between Sean Connery and Daniela Bianchi sparked controversy at the censorship agency, because the Devil Party photographer was hiding in a closet and the censorship agency worried that the scene would induce crimes in the audience. The British Film Censorship Council urged the film’s producers Albert Brockley and Harry Salzman to cut out the peeping scenes as much as possible, otherwise they would face the fate of cutting off the entire scene, and the crew had to delete some of the scenes.
This film is the first 007 movie with a storyline before the official title.
One year before the filming started, Hitchcock was considered to direct the film, with Gary Grant playing 007.
The 6-minute fight scene between 007 and Grant was filmed for two days.
Werna Liss is the candidate to play Tatiana.
When Bond and Sylvia were dining in the boat, the theme song of the film came out on the radio.
This film is the first 007 film that says "James Bond will return in …" at the end of the film.
The transportation in the film includes: Shearer UH-12E helicopter, yellow Chevrolet truck, 1960 Ford Fairlane Station Wagon, Venice Gondola, Devil's Party two-person helicopter, Huntsman 28 and Fairey Huntress 23 speedboats, Citroen Traction Avant, Lao Silly Silver Spirit and Bentley.
Pia Linstone, Sally Douglas, Magda Konopka, Margaret Lee, Lucia Modugno, Sylva Koscina and Tania Mallet are all candidates to play Tatiana.
The film is the first 007 film with John Barry as the lead composer, but it is still based on the theme song composed by Monty Norman in "Dr. No".
The character prototype of Colonel Rosa is a real Soviet colonel.
The film is the last 007 movie ever seen by Ian Fleming, the father of 007, and the last movie he watched before Kennedy was assassinated.
Kerim’s actor, Vidro Amendritz, was extremely ill during the filming of the film. In order to leave his wife with enough living expenses, Amendritz took over the film. In order to shoot before his illness deteriorated, the crew adjusted The shooting plan, but in the end, still had to use a stand-in in the distant view. A month after completing his role, Amendritz committed suicide.
The film's release in the United States was delayed due to Kennedy's assassination.
When the film was filmed at Istanbul Railway Station, there were more than 3,500 onlookers who made the filming work of the crew impossible. Later, director Terrence Young asked the stunt performers to perform thrilling actions to attract the attention of the onlookers, and the filming was able to continue.
In order to play Tatiana, Bianchi received English training, but the producer decided to use dubbing.
The disassembled rifle given to 007 in the film is not a special weapon, but a regular Armalite AR-7 life-saving rifle. This gun is actually .22 caliber, not the .25 caliber mentioned in the film. This model was not until 2005. Still in production, it is not only small in size, light in weight and easy to disassemble, but it can also float on the surface when dropped into the water.
Sean Connery has 8 sets of Saville Street costumes in the film, each worth $2,000.
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  • Cora 2022-03-27 09:01:04

    I basically forgot what 007 was about when I watched it back then. It seems that the slot has to be seriously vomited, otherwise I thought I hadn't seen it in the future. I still don't understand what this is about. From the metaphor of fighting fish, the Spectre party is playing the line of American and Soviet snipe and clam fighting to wait for the gods. . The relationship between the two countries was indeed provoked, and they both bombed the embassy. Later, it was impossible for the decoder to be taken away by Bond and it was impossible for a Cuban missile crisis level. This plan was quite successful. As a result, the provocation will be provoked, and the decoder will have to be returned without saying anything. This Spectre party is very cheap. Just because Bond took the girl away with a natural look on his face, the Spectre was greatly humiliated. Sure enough, all the standards of this film are big-breasted girls.

  • Josue 2022-03-25 09:01:06

    The films of the Cold War period were a bit naive, all the positive images were cold and unfeeling, the remakes were benevolent, long-winded and stupid, and the ideology was too heavy. 6.9/10.

From Russia with Love quotes

  • Blofeld: Number Three, is your section ready to carry out Kronsteen's directives?

    Rosa Klebb: Yes, Number One. The operation will be organized according to Kronsteen's plan. I have selected a suitable girl from the Russian consulate in Istanbul. She's capable, cooperative, and her loyalty to the State is beyond question.

    Blofeld: And you're absolutely sure she believes you're still head of operations for Soviet Intelligence?

    Rosa Klebb: It is most unlikely she would know I'm now working for SPECTRE. Moscow has kept my defection secret from everyone but a few members of the Presidium.

    Blofeld: For your sake, I hope so.

  • Kronsteen: SPECTRE would probably have the chance of a personal revenge for the killing of our operative - Dr. No - because the man the British will almost certainly use on a mission of this sort would be - their agent - James Bond.

    Blofeld: Let his death be a particularly unpleasant and humiliating one.

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