Transit movie plot

2022-04-16 08:01
In 1940, Georg, who would be "cleansed" by the fascists, needed to flee to the only safe place left - Marseille. In times of crisis like these, he promised to do a friend a favor by sending two letters to George Weddell, a communist writer living in a nearby hotel, after which he could be arranged to travel to Marseille. When Georg arrived at the hotel room, the writer had committed suicide for fear of persecution from the fall of the city. Georg took the writer's legacy - the final manuscript, two letters that were not delivered - one from the writer's wife and the other a visa guarantee from the Mexican embassy, ​​which allowed him to get a visa Escape to America from Marseille. With these documents, Georg escorted a North African refugee with a leg injury to Marseille. When the train arrived in Marseille, Georg discovered that his companion had died of a festering infection. He evaded the police who were interrogated by layers and brought the news of his companion's death to his companion's family, where he met his youngest son and mute wife who liked to play football. Georg, who has no legal status, was mistaken for author George Weddell when he was processing identification documents at the police station. He realized that this identity would allow him to escape to the Americas smoothly, so he replaced the identity of the writer. Before that, he met a mysterious woman, the woman is Mary, the wife of the dead writer George, who has repeatedly mistaken Georg for her husband. Georg impersonates George's plans to leave France, which is disrupted by this unexpected encounter and an unplanned love affair   .
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  • Kayleigh 2022-04-16 08:01:01

    Putting a World War II story into the current shooting environment, such as a character escaping a Nazi hunt, might pass a Nike store, distilling the European refugee issue, wrapped in a suspenseful story of finding identity and love. Petzold's precise narrative skills are like looking for a needle in a haystack to find the delicate balance in this contradictory setting and story, and it seems so natural, smooth, seamless and comfortable.

  • Mozelle 2022-04-20 09:03:00

    While watching, I was asking in my heart: What is it about the degree of tension?

Transit quotes

  • Georg: It was cold. The Mistral. He was tired. Nobody looked at him. That's the terrible thing. Not that she's your dirty face staring at the torn clothes.The terrible thing is that they are you do not see that you are not there.

  • Georg: Then he thought, 'This is Marseille.' A port city. Port cities are cities, in which is told. That's what they're there for. And these people have the right to tell and that you listen inside.

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