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2022-10-23 23:09
Glen or Glenda, 1953 film, produced and directed by Ed Wood; starring Ed Wood, Bella Legoussy, and Wood's girlfriend Dolores Fuller. Based on actual events, this film is about cross-dressing, transgender and semi-autobiographical. Wood himself is a transvestite , and this film is a plea, a show of tolerance. Regardless, it turned into a cult movie. This is all thanks to its low price and special style.
The movie "Glen or Glenda" is a cult business card written, directed and played by the famous Hollywood bad film director Wood. It mixes a large number of ready-made stock footage, and the method is super clumsy but creates an unexpected "laughing fruit". "For example, when explaining the castration of a man to become a woman, it is very funny with the scenes of steel column smelting. With the help of a sensational transgender news at the time, Wood, who has a hobby of cross-dressing, explained the difference between transgender and cross-dressing, and called on the public to tolerate these marginalized people in society. The famous horror film actor Le Gusi's performance is extremely exaggerated, the dream scene is a little bit like a dream, and the commentary is naive and sincere. Compared with " Plan 9 from Outer Space ", which was later "hailed" as the worst film of all time, this film seems to be slightly better.
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  • Narrator: Female has the fluff and the finery, as specified by those who design and sell. Little Miss Female, you should feel quite proud of the situation. You of course realise it's predominantly men who design your clothes, your jewelry, your makeup, your hair styling, your perfume. But life, even thought it's changes are slow, moves on.

  • Sheila, Glen's Sister: Just how does one go introducing your friends to your brother when Brother's wearing you best sweater, your skirt, and makeup to boot?

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