Glen or Glenda movie plot

2022-10-23 10:16
The movie tells two stories. One was about Glenn, who secretly dressed as a woman but was afraid to tell his fiancée Barbara. The other is about Ellen, a pseudohermaphrodite who undergoes painful surgery to become a woman. Both stories were told by Dr. Alton, who also gave a serious speech on tolerance and understanding. The second narrator, the scientist, made comments that contained more philosophical points than fact. The film also has flashbacks within flashbacks and a strange dream sequence; Inspector Warren's investigation into the suicide of a transvestite makes him learn more about men who wear women's clothing; the clothes Johnny's wife finds out in his absence when he left him; Barbara knew nothing about her fiancé Glenn's desire to wear her angora; Satan invaded Glenn's nightmare; and the scientist offered only cryptic advice like " Watch out for the green dragon sitting at your door"
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Glen or Glenda quotes

  • Narrator: Female has the fluff and the finery, as specified by those who design and sell. Little Miss Female, you should feel quite proud of the situation. You of course realise it's predominantly men who design your clothes, your jewelry, your makeup, your hair styling, your perfume. But life, even thought it's changes are slow, moves on.

  • Sheila, Glen's Sister: Just how does one go introducing your friends to your brother when Brother's wearing you best sweater, your skirt, and makeup to boot?

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