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2022-07-10 19:14
This short film, shot with clay puppets, narrates the outlook on life of Tourette Syndrome patient Harvey. Although in the eyes of others, his life may be full of sorrow and misfortune, but he is actually quite lucky and happy. Harvey's life is based on a series of "facts", these "facts" are simple but full of wisdom of life, allowing him to accept this complex and full of chaos with a clearer vision. Of these "facts", I especially like the last one: Fact 1064: Life is like a cigarette, smoke it until the butt is left.
The protagonist Harvey grew up in the Polish forest with his logging father, and his mother was sickly due to lead poisoning . Born with Gilles de la Tourette syndrome (the main type of tic disorder), he became an outlier among his peers, often children. The target of the stone in hand. At the age of 18, German devils killed him and his parents froze to death on his bicycle. He fled to Australia and made a living by taking care of garbage. Bad luck followed. Because of his frail health, he often went to the hospital to report that an electric shock caused him to lose his testicles. The days of hospitalization were perhaps the happiest time of his life, and he fell in love with nurse Valerie. After the marriage, the two adopted a girl named Ruby because Harvey was infertile. At the age of 65, Valerie's accidental death throws Harvey back into the lone boat of life. He got a lot older and got Alzheimer's. Neighbors put him in a nursing home after discovering he was using the microwave as a cash machine. Here, he met fellow patient Khamis, and they joked together, entertaining others and themselves. Happiness is always short-lived, Harvey's condition deteriorated, wandering between mania and depression, after a suicide attempt was rescued, a special woman came into his life, and he found the direction of life again. The director's self-reported trilogy Uncle/Cousin/Brother has won more than 50 awards at more than 300 film festivals.
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Harvie Krumpet quotes

  • Harvie: Thank you.

  • Statue of Horace: Seize the day, Harvie. Seize the day. Carpe Diem.

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