Hell Ride movie plot

2022-03-23 08:01
In the world of bikers, law, morality, and humanity are all left out of the cloud. In their world, in addition to the murderous killings between gangs, it is naked sex and a lot of alcohol that passes through the intestines every day.
Right now, the two most powerful biker gangs in the region, "Victor" and "666", are once again at loggerheads when their sister-in-law Cherokee ( Juliet Jones ) in "The Winner" was killed by members of "666". As a result, between the two gangs, from the eldest to the scoundrel, incidents of misfires occurred all the time. And the two bosses of "Victor": Pestrello ( Larry Bishop ), who kills without blinking in a tuxedo, and "The Gentleman" (Michael Madsen) rely on their tactics and tactics to gradually disintegrate from all sides. 666" forces. And "666", under the leadership of the fierce murderer Billy Vince ( Vinnie Jones ), always launches a counterattack against his opponent. Po) also tried his best to create a lot of trouble for his opponents. It seems that a bloody war is about to break out.
The protagonist Pestlero likes to cause trouble everywhere. He and a group of young people who love to ride motorcycles form an organization called "Victor", who often rides motorcycles to show off the city. After a member of the "Victor" organization was killed by another group of motorcycle gangsters calling themselves "666", Pestlero decided to lead his men to avenge him. But his subordinates had doubts about their leadership ability, and they didn't quite believe that the interest promises he had made to them could be fulfilled, and the crisis of being betrayed gradually emerged.
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Hell Ride quotes

  • Eddie Zero: Now give me a hand with this. Cause I got things to go and places to do.

  • Pistolero: What the hell made you think you could count on me?

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