Labor Pains movie plot

2022-04-14 08:01
The heroine Sia's parents died in a car accident, leaving her and her sister Emma to depend on each other. In order to support her family and support her younger sister to study, Xia was forced to drop out of school and work as an editorial secretary in a publishing house. Editor Jerry was a tough boss to deal with, no matter who it was. Once, Jerry punished Sia for being five minutes late for work by telling her to go to the women's restroom to wash his dog "again." When Xia chatted with her friends, she couldn't help complaining about Jerry's "perversion". Unexpectedly, Jerry happened to hear everything in the men's toilet next door, so Xia was called to the office by an angry Jerry. The unlucky Xia was facing the fate of being fired. At this time, she saw a decoration on the table and remembered that she had read in a book that a pregnant woman could not be fired, so she had to lie that she was four months pregnant. Westa kept her job for the time being. But trouble is still to come!
The "pregnant" Xia began to receive special attention from friends around her. And the friend who complained with her in the women's toilet before is the only one who knows the truth. Greg, the intern secretary, was very jealous of Xia's position. Another colleague was pregnant a month earlier than Xia, and Greg satirized Xia's good figure. So after get off work that day, my friend took Xia to the maternity store and helped Xia steal the cotton pad tied to the model's belly. In this way, Xia finally looks a little pregnant.
Jerry had to be away for a while because he had to treat the puppy, so Nick became the interim leader. Nick has always wanted to publish a book about pregnant women written by Susie, a writer who is also a mother, so he invited Xia, who is also a "pregnant woman", to negotiate with him, and also let Xia serve as an associate editor. Xia won Susie's trust with her good eloquence, and the publication went smoothly, and Xia and Nick gradually developed a good impression of each other. When shooting the cover of the new book, Xia, who was standing by, was seen by the photographer and asked her to stand in front of the camera. In this way, Xia inadvertently became the CoverGirl of pregnant women. Pretending was originally a painful thing, and sister Emma also hated her sister lying. The cover incident made relatives in Seattle mistakenly believe that Xia was really pregnant, and everyone rushed to celebrate. My sister and friends have persuaded Xia to confess everything, but Xia has not yet planned to reveal the truth. At this time, the younger sister tore Xia's "belly" impulsively, and the new book launch was imminent, Xia grabbed a balloon and put it in her clothes for emergency. At the press conference, Nick accidentally squeezed Westia's "belly" in order to stop the rough on Jerry, and everyone was shocked. Nick couldn't accept the fact, "what kind of person pretends to be pregnant?" After that, Nick left the scene, and the press conference was smashed. Xia regrets her mistakes and tries to make up for it. The best way to do that is to get that pregnant woman's book on Vesta's show. Xia has put in a lot of effort, and her sister Emma, ​​who is quite talented in cooking, has also helped a lot. Finally, Xia successfully launched a new book. Nick also forgave Xia and confessed to her at the scene of the show. Finally, All shall be well, and Jack shall have Jill. Two years later, Xia is really pregnant, is it a girl or a boy this time?
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  • Torey 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    I always thought it was a horror movie when I saw the title. . So I came down with the curiosity to watch a horror movie. Well, except for the disappointment and speechlessness of the title party, it can still be seen in the romance category. A bit of a comedy feel. PS, together with my husband and a classmate, turned off the lights, creating an atmosphere full of anticipation, waiting for the sudden scary scene in the movie. Then I found out that it was a love movie at all o(╯□╰)o

  • Verda 2022-04-15 09:01:07

    Hehe, I'm here for LL, no matter how mentally retarded the plot is, I can still watch it

Labor Pains quotes

  • Greg: Congratulations, Thea.

    Thea Clayhill: Thank you, Greg.

    Greg: You really think you can get to the top by playing games, don't cha? I know what you're up to, Thea. And I think that it stinks. It super stinks.

    Lisa DePardo: Hm.

    Thea Clayhill: Well, really? Do you think that it stinks that I wanna hire you to be my assistant?

    Greg: Really?

    Thea Clayhill: You'll start first thing Monday after I put the paperwork through.

    Greg: Oh wow, Thea. Thea, thank you so much. I- I could kiss you right now.

    Thea Clayhill: You don't have to do that.

    Greg: I'll see you later, boss.

  • Thea Clayhill: ...No, I didn't finish college.

    Nick: Oh, why not? Too boring? Not 'Joan Jett' enough for you?

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