Le Petit Soldat evaluation action

2022-07-04 22:43
This film is Godard's work after "Break Out". Because of its sensitive content, it was involved in the activities of France in the 1960s to support the regime in Algeria. It was banned for a time. Bruno in the film obviously has Godard's own shadow (identity, environment, ideals are similar), the director wants to satirize the so-called political duality (left or right) through this little figure who swings on political ideals, which actually depends on people All that is needed is a different attitude, Godard's own political stance. The style of the film is the same as "Out of breath", using free methods such as irregular cuts and jumps, typical of Godard's films   .
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Le Petit Soldat quotes

  • Bruno Forestier: [taking photographs of Veronica] Move around. Don't just stand there.

    Veronica Dreyer: What do you want me to do?

    Bruno Forestier: Whatever you want. Light a cigarette. Take a shower.

    Veronica Dreyer: Yeah, right.

    Bruno Forestier: Why not?

  • Bruno Forestier: I'd like to get pictures of you showering. You really don't want to?

    Veronica Dreyer: No.

    Bruno Forestier: Why?

    Veronica Dreyer: Because I think it's stupid.

    Bruno Forestier: Afraid of me seeing your body? - - What were you going to say? What are you thinking right now?

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