Livid movie plot

2022-07-15 19:27
Lucy Clervaux (Chloé Couloud), a young girl, finds a job in a nursing facility. Her first day at work is to go to an ancient villa deep in the suburban woods , where she falls into a deep coma and relies on medical care. Deborah Jessel (Marie-Claude Pietragalla), a former ballet teacher who lives with equipment. Legend has it that this villa contains valuable treasures. Lucy, instigated by her boyfriend William (Félix Moati), and their friend Ben (Jérémy Kapone) sneak into the villa on a Halloween night to hunt for treasures. However, after some searching, it was found that there seemed to be other people in the villa besides Mrs. Jessel, and that was the daughter who should have died long ago.  The horrors of Fantastic happen one after another, and Lucy and the others will experience a night they will never forget.
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