Mansfield Park movie plot

2022-07-12 23:41
The poor girl Fanny Price (Lianne Billie Piper Billie Piper) was adopted by her aunt and aunt Sir Bertram and his wife when she was young, and she began her sojourn life in Mansfield Park. The life of being dependent on others made young Fanny feel that she was an insignificant person. However, Fanny has always had a strong and kind heart, discerning right from wrong. Soon, she grew to 18 years old and became a slim girl. Playboy Henry Crawford (Joe Beattie) and his sister Mary (Hayley Atwell) move to Mansfield Park, where they become neighbours with the Bertram family. The frivolous Henry fell in love with the beautiful and moving Fanny, and began frequent and unreasonable entanglements, but they were all rejected by Fanny unwaveringly. In Fanny's heart, she has been unswervingly in love with her cousin Edmund Bertram (Blake Ritson Blake Ritson). But Edmund fell in love with Mary, a selfish force. Mary only wanted to marry a rich man and scoffed at Edmund's pursuit. When Mary "changes her mind" to Edmund, Fanny tells her cousin not to be fooled, and whether Fanny can win Edmund's love   . 
The film is based on Jane Austen's novel of the same name.
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Mansfield Park quotes

  • Fanny Price: No one meant to be unkind, but I was the poor relation and I was often made to feel it. Only Edmund put himself out to secure my happiness. He became my one true friend. And as the years passed, I came to love him as more than a cousin.

  • Henry Crawford: I fancy Miss Price falling in love with me.

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