My One and Only creative background

2022-07-14 19:25
The film's story was inspired by an interview between Evening Entertainment host Merv Griffin and actor George Hamilton, who together retraced Hamilton's early days with his mother and previous experience. After listening to Hamilton's narration, Griffin realized that it was a good source of material, worthy of being brought to the big screen. Screenwriter Charlie Peters loved the story of the legendary character and was quick to build a screenplay-like structure for it, while also capturing the style and style of the early 1950s. The script of the film has been bought and sold and changed hands by different film companies, but finally returned to the hands of Merv Griffin, and Richard Loncraine, who had a strong interest in the script from the beginning, was willing to direct the film. , Finally, the appearance of producer Aaron Reid allowed the film to be successfully produced   .
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My One and Only quotes

  • Bill Massey: As a man, there's only one thing you need to know about a woman.

    George Devereaux: What's that?

    Bill Massey: They're never the right temperature.

    George Devereaux: No?

    Bill Massey: Something to do with their plumbing. Reproduction. Whatever reason, most of the time... they're either too hot or too cold. Mostly too cold. So what you have to do... is carry a sweater or a jacket or something with you at all times. Something you can keep in the trunk of your car... or in your closet at work... for when their thermostat gets messed up.

    George Devereaux: What else?

    Bill Massey: That's it. Once you've got that covered... there's nothing else you need to know about a woman.

  • Paula: Have you ever seen breasts?

    George Devereaux: Sure... one.

    Paula: You saw one breast?

    George Devereaux: No, I meant once. I saw some once.

    Paula: Some?

    George Devereaux: Two. I saw two, once...

    Paula: You wanna see mine?

    George Devereaux: Who? Me? Now?

    Paula: Ready?

    George Devereaux: Okay. Sure, yeah.

    Paula: How do they look?

    George Devereaux: Alright! Good, fine. Of course I don't have much to compare them to...

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