My One and Only movie plot

2022-07-14 19:21
A blue Cadillac car was driving down the streets of New York with no sign at all that the occupants were just out for a ride, it looks like Anne Devnakos and her two sons George and Robbie are this time To move. In fact, Anne had just left her husband, Dunn, because she had just discovered that Dunn had other women out there. In the United States in 1953, feminism was in the ascendant. Anne, who was in her 40s, wanted to bring her children to pursue a better life and greater wealth. Anne, who has left her husband, doesn't seem sad, she even thinks it should be done 20 years in advance.
But as they went away for longer, Annie discovered that the outside world was not so approachable, full of liars, alcoholics, gamblers and playboys. After several romantic encounters with men, Annie, who wants to settle down, finds several schools for her children, but they are not satisfactory to her, and at the same time, those romantic relationships based on passion also change. be in jeopardy. However, as the journey unfolded, Annie's children have established their own goals in life. The eldest son, George, is keen on acting, and he hopes to become an actor; the youngest son, Robbie, likes cynical plays, and he wants to become a playwright .
Unable to find a peaceful life, Annie hits the road again, a journey that seems to have no end in sight across the continental United States. George also wished that his mother would soon end the tour and return to New York. When he learned that his mother was leaving home forever, George became very manic, and Anne also made an unexpected decision at this time   .
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My One and Only quotes

  • Bill Massey: As a man, there's only one thing you need to know about a woman.

    George Devereaux: What's that?

    Bill Massey: They're never the right temperature.

    George Devereaux: No?

    Bill Massey: Something to do with their plumbing. Reproduction. Whatever reason, most of the time... they're either too hot or too cold. Mostly too cold. So what you have to do... is carry a sweater or a jacket or something with you at all times. Something you can keep in the trunk of your car... or in your closet at work... for when their thermostat gets messed up.

    George Devereaux: What else?

    Bill Massey: That's it. Once you've got that covered... there's nothing else you need to know about a woman.

  • Paula: Have you ever seen breasts?

    George Devereaux: Sure... one.

    Paula: You saw one breast?

    George Devereaux: No, I meant once. I saw some once.

    Paula: Some?

    George Devereaux: Two. I saw two, once...

    Paula: You wanna see mine?

    George Devereaux: Who? Me? Now?

    Paula: Ready?

    George Devereaux: Okay. Sure, yeah.

    Paula: How do they look?

    George Devereaux: Alright! Good, fine. Of course I don't have much to compare them to...

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